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Breakaway Logo


Breakaway Sinker Logo

Breakaway Long Tail (LT) Sinkers & Sinker Accessories

The Sinker that gave BreakAway its name!  Breakaway Long Tail Sinker cast further and hold better than any other sinker oz for oz!  The BreakAway Long Tail Sinker is the original aerodynamic sinker with "breakaway" swing locking wire barbs that surf fisherman have learned to love over the years . When forced, the pivoting wires will fold Breakaway Long Tail Sinkersback thus "breakaway" and release the hold of the sinker.  Because of aerodynamic shape the BreakAway sinker is a great casting sinker.  The "Long Tail" has great anchoring ability as the tail acts like an anchor chain and will flatten the sinker making the sinker tines dig in better. The "Long Tail" can also be used to attach a BreakAway Lead Lift, listed below. The BreakAway Long Tail Sinker is a great option when looking to gain valuable casting distance and/or when the conditions call for more lead that your rod is rated for. *Note: These sinkers are lead and come individually.


The LT90 and LT110 sinkers are expected to arrive in July 2016.


70996912101 BREAKAWAY LT090 LONG TAIL 3.2oz LT - Lead Sinker 1-piece Sold Out 3.99

70996912102 BREAKAWAY LT110 LONG TAIL 3.9oz LT - Lead Sinker 1-piece Sold Out 4.49

70996912103 BREAKAWAY LT130 LONG TAIL 4.6oz LT - Lead Sinker 1-piece 4.99

70996912104 BREAKAWAY LT150 LONG TAIL 5.3oz LT - Lead Sinker 1-piece 5.49

70996912105 BREAKAWAY LT170 LONG TAIL 6.0oz LT - Lead Sinker 1-piece 5.99

70996912106 BREAKAWAY LT190 LONG TAIL 6.7oz LT - Lead Sinker 1-piece 6.69

70996912107 BREAKAWAY LT210 LONG TAIL 7.4oz LT - Lead Sinker 1-piece 6.99

Breakaway Lead Lift - NL1LT 90 with Lead Lift WingBreakAway Lead Lift "Wing" Only - NL1

The BreakAway NL1 Lead Lift "Wing" will clip on the center lead wire of a BreakAway LT sinker which will help to plane your sinker. Lifting the sinker up towards the surface will reduce snagging while speeding up the retrieve.  The NL1 is designed to be used ONLY on BreakAway's LT (long tail) sinkers.
70996910009 BREAKAWAY NL1 - LEAD LIFT "WING" - 3 pcs/pack 5.99

Breakaway Lead Lift - OL1BreakAway Universal Lead Lift - OL1

The BreakAway OL1 Universal Lead Lift will help plane most any sinker thus lifting it up towards the surface and reducing snagging while speeding up the retrieve.  The Universal Lead Lift will attach to most any sinker that has an eye. If you use BreakAway's LT sinkers you can remove the Stainless Steel center bar and attach the "White-Wing" directly to the BreakAway LT sinker's long tail wire. Note: The "clip" may vary from the one shown in the attached graphic. Includes Wing, Shaft & Clip. 2 per pack
70996910012 BREAKAWAY OL1 - UNIVERSAL LEAD LIFT - 2-pcs/pack 5.99

Breakaway Super Sinker


BreakAway Super Sinkers

The Super Sinker casts further and holds better!

  BreakAway Super Sinker is the updated version of the aerodynamic sinker with the "breakaway" rotating wires that over the years fisherman have learned to love. The BreakAway Super Sinker is BreakAway's replacement for the classic BreakAway Short Tail (SL) sinkers.




Conversion Table

BreakAway # (Metric nominal grams) = Weight (English nominal ounces)


090 = 3.2 oz

110 = 3.9 oz

130 = 4.6 oz

150 = 5.3 oz

170 = 6.0 oz

190 = 6.7 oz

210 = 7.4 oz



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