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Tire Buddy III Tire Deflator

The Tire Buddy III - Tire Deflator


The Tire Buddy Automatic Tire Deflator is a must have item for all surf fishermen who drive the beach. Keep the Tire Buddy Tire Deflators in you beach buggy so dropping tire pressure is easy and quick!  The Tire Buddy III is an automatic tire deflator that is easy to use.  It screws directly onto your tire's valve stem just like a valve cap and automatically deflates the tire to a target pressure of 15 psi in less the 30 seconds.  The Tire Buddy III is made in the USA from high quality brass and stainless steel components.


The Tire Buddy III tire deflator comes fine tuned to a factory pre-set to deflate tires to 15 psi, which is generally considered a good all around off road tire pressure. Deflation time is about 30 seconds per tire. Using the dial-in indicator on the TireBuddy III, you can adjust to a preferred higher (clockwise) or lower (counter clockwise) setting. Each increment on the scale represents approximately a 1 psi change. The redesigned TireBuddy III is slimmer than the Tire Buddy II and no longer has external threads.

The TireBuddy really saves time when compared to deflating by hand one at a time, the old fashion way. Many surf anglers save even more time by purchasing 4 Tire Buddies in order to deflate all 4 tires at the same time.

831 TireBuddy III (Single Pack) Tire Deflator 1 Per Pack 23.99

834 TireBubby III (4 Per Pack) Tire Deflator 4 Per Pack 89.99



Tire Buddy 3 Cartoon

- Tire Buddy III Tire Deflators are made in the USA -


 When driving with reduced tire pressure; never exceed 20 MPH, make sharp turns or otherwise drive recklessly. Once the pressure has been lowered, the TireBuddy III is removed and moved to the next tire. The TireBuddy III is not meant to be left on tire, so once tire is deflated remove TireBuddy III. Tires must be re-inflated per tire/vehicle manufacturer specifications when returning from off-road driving to normal highway driving. Deflate and inflate at your own risk. If need be, seek assistance from a qualified automotive technician.





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