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Tsunami Ball Jigs

Great for a variety of species and exceptional for fluke!  These ball jigs are very productive fish catchers right out of the package. Some anglers fish the jig solo and others like to rig it with a teaser (above) or a trailer (behind). Any way the jigs catch fish, but tip off the hook with a Gulp and increase your hook.


Tsunami Ball Jigs are constructed with molded in stainless steel attachment loops, top quality swivels and premium Mustad Stainless Steel hooks. Exclusive, over sized "Target Eyes" and reflective holographic foil are installed on each
model to help trigger strikes from predator species. Genuine bucktail and holographic sparkle dress each hook.



          - 1 oz Ball Jigs -

79996712189 TSUNAMI TSBJ  1CW  BALL JIG - 1oz CHART/WHT 3.99

79996712186 TSUNAMI TSBJ  1W    BALL JIG - 1oz WHITE 3.99

          - 2 oz Ball Jigs -

79996712193 TSUNAMI TSBJ  2CW  BALL JIG - 2oz CHART/WHT 4.49

79996712190 TSUNAMI TSBJ  2W    BALL JIG - 2oz WHITE 4.49

          - 3 oz Ball Jigs -

79996712197 TSUNAMI TSBJ  3CW  BALL JIG - 3oz CHART/WHT 5.29

79996712194 TSUNAMI TSBJ  3W    BALL JIG - 3oz WHITE 5.29

          - 4 oz Ball Jigs -

79996712201 TSUNAMI TSBJ  4CW  BALL JIG - 4oz CHART/WHT 5.99

79996712198 TSUNAMI TSBJ  4W    BALL JIG - 4oz  WHITE 5.99

          - 6 oz Ball Jigs -

79996712209 TSUNAMI TSBJ  6CW  BALL JIG - 6oz CHART/WHT 7.49

79996712206 TSUNAMI TSBJ  6W    BALL JIG - 6oz WHITE 7.49




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