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Panther Martin Vivif

Quite simply the finest swim bait on the market. In 1958 Panther Martin introduced their first fishing lure, a weighted rubber minnow called the Vivif. It's a realistic swim bait that fish can not resist!


Panther Martin Vivif - Single Hook Swimbait

Panther Martin Vivif - Single Hook Swim Baits- Eyelet at the Mouth (Not above the Eyes) Creates True Swimbait and Trolling Action
- Heavier Metal Weight Inside Secures Eyelet and Allows Vivif to Swim & Cast Better
- Better Holographic Colors & 3-D Eyes Attract Fish From Afar
- Longer, Stronger Mustad Hook Insure That Strikes Become Catches
- Large Dorsal Fin Stabilizes Swimming Action Permitting Just the Right Amount of Wobble
- The Only True Swimbait with True Trolling Action
- 1/3 oz: 3 to a pack
- 1 oz & 2.5 oz: 2 to a pack

Accept no imitations! Classic Vivif Single Hook Swimbaits are a very flashy lure with lots of wiggling, wobbling action. Vibrant Holographic colors flash and shimmer in the water. The high dorsal fin acts like a rudder to swim true on the retrieve. Strong and Sharp long shank Mustad Hook secured to heavy weight inside for deeper countdown trolling. In addition, Vivif swimbaits are heavier than other swimbaits, allowing them to swim and cat better. These classic vivifs can be used in fresh or salt water.
**These lures are no longer manufacturer by Panther Martin. Once these are sold out they are gone. It is unknown if they will be ever made again. Please call to guarantee stock status.

Panther Martin VV12 Vivif Single Hook Swimbait 2.5" 1/3oz 3-pieces per pack
02363451019 Panther Martin Vivif VV12-MUL-Mullet 4.49

02363451410 Panther Martin Vivif VV12-PEARL-Pearl 4.49

Panther Martin VV13 Vivif Single Hook Swimbait 4" 1oz 2-pieces per pack
02363451026 Panther Martin Vivif VV13-BKR-Bunker 4.99

02363451297 Panther Martin Vivif VV13-CH-Chartreuse 4.99

02363450036 Panther Martin Vivif VV13-JB-Jet Black 4.99

02363451020 Panther Martin Vivif VV13-MUL-Mullet 4.99

02363451014 Panther Martin Vivif VV13-RTH-Rainbow Trout Holo 4.99

Panther Martin Vivif™ Double Trouble Swimbait

Panther Martin Vivif - Double Trouble Swim Bait- 9" length To Catch Truly Large Fish
- 6.9 oz. Weight Makes This Swimbait Swim Deeper and Cast Further
- Two Eyelets allow 2 Fishing Actions - Trolling & Jigging
- Two dorsal fins Stabilize Natural Wobble and Make This Swimbait Swim Truer
- Two Super Strong, Super Sharp Mustad Hooks Insure Fish Stay Caught and Tail Hungry Fish Get a Mouthful
- 3-D Eyes & Superior Holographic Colors are Irresistible to All Kinds of Large Fish, especially Inland and Offshore Striped Bass
- 1 lure per pack

These "Double Trouble" Vivifs are unique in several ways: They feature eye-popping, holographic colors that drive salt water fish crazy! The 2 eyelets allow 2 different fishing actions: a true swimbait trolling action from the eyelet above the mouth and a true jigging action from the eyelet above the eyes. The 2 Mustad hooks insure that "tail hungry" fish get a mouthful that keeps them caught. The 2 dorsal fins stabilize the swimming action and make these Vivifs run straight and true just like real live shad minnows. Stupendously effective on super large offshore and inland stripers and many other species.

Panther Martin VV16 Vivif Double Trouble Swimbait 9" 6.9oz 1-piece per pack
02363450038 Panther Martin Vivif VV16-JB-Jet Black 11.99





Panther Martin ViVif Umbrella Rig






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