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Gibbs Lures - Needlefish

The Gibbs Needlefish is a large floating style wooden needlefish lure. it is a very effective lure up-and-down the striper coast. The desired action is one of no action but the waters current. A slow, steady retriever at or just below the surface will produce a symmetrical V-wake that will obtain the desired result. Strikes are much less dramatic than on other lures, so pay attention and concentrate on the plug at all times. Some anglers add an occasional light rod twitch to arouse stripers. The key is to use the current's flow to sweep it along a piece of structure (rip, trough, bolder field, etc). A slight belly in the line is ok. Step up the tempo considerably when Bluefish are the target. You can work it like a pencil popper too, right on top with a side to side "nervous" action.


Gibbs Black NeedlefishGibbs White NeedlefishGibbs Yellow NeedlefishGibbs Green Needlefish



Gibbs 1.75oz Needlefish
4100002 GIBBS NEEDLEFISH - 1.75oz WHITE 16.99

4100004 GIBBS NEEDLEFISH - 1.75oz YELLOW 16.99

4100005 GIBBS NEEDLEFISH - 1.75oz BLACK 16.99

4100006 GIBBS NEEDLEFISH - 1.75oz DARK GREEN 16.99



Gibbs Fishing Lures




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