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Daiwa SP Minnow Lures

Daiwa SP Salt Pro Minnow LuresThe Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow aka SP Minnow is a versatile, long cast lure 6" lure that is available in two models. The Floating/Standard (DSPM15F) SP Minnow weighs in at 1-1/9oz (1.11oz, 31.5g) and the Sinking (DSPM15S) SP Minnow weighs in at 1-1/4oz (1.25oz, 35.5g). The Daiwa SP Minnow is a proven fish catcher! The SP Minnow is designed to be fished with a fast, ripping style retrieve which produces an erratic and frantic side-to-side swim action that draws predatorís attention. The SP has also proven effective with a steady retrieve, but when a quick intermittent twitch is added HOLD ON for a hard strike. The lures can be retrieved fast, slow and also intermittent. Basically you can't fish these wrong.


Please note that we stock all of the available colors, including the special custom colors. Please see color chart below. Buy any and all Daiwa SP Colors here... New for 2014... Daiwa released two new colors, the SP Bunker and SP Spearing. Photo shown below on the right. We have them in stock!



Daiwa Salt Pro "SP" Minnow Lures - 6" - 1.11oz (31.5g) - FLOATING/STANDARD
04317802653 Daiwa DSPM15F01 SP Minnow 6" Sardine 9.99

04317802650 Daiwa DSPM15F03 SP Minnow 6" Shiner 9.99

04317802651 Daiwa DSPM15F10 SP Minnow 6" Red Head 9.99

04317802656 Daiwa DSPM15F11 SP Minnow 6" Chart Rainbow 9.99

04317802652 Daiwa DSPM15F13 SP Minnow 6" Green Shiner 9.99

04317802657 Daiwa DSPM15F18 SP Minnow 6" Purple Back Silver 9.99

04317802654 Daiwa DSPM15F24 SP Minnow 6" Blue Mackerel 9.99

04317802655 Daiwa DSPM15F25 SP Minnow 6" Green Mackerel 9.99

04317803360 Daiwa DSPM15F30 SP Minnow 6" Yellow Pearl 9.99

04317803361 Daiwa DSPM15F31 SP Minnow 6" Black Yellow 9.99

04317803362 Daiwa DSPM15F32 SP Minnow 6" Sand Eel 9.99

04317803363 Daiwa DSPM15F33 SP Minnow 6" Mother Of Pearl 9.99

04317803364 Daiwa DSPM15F34 SP Minnow 6" Black Purple 9.99

04317803365 Daiwa DSPM15F35 SP Minnow 6" Bone 9.99

04317803423 Daiwa DSPM15F36 SP Minnow 6" Bunker 9.99

04317803424 Daiwa DSPM15F37 SP Minnow 6" Spearing 9.99

Daiwa Salt Pro "SP" Minnow Lures - 6" - 1.25oz (35.5g) - SINKING
04317803366 Daiwa DSPM15S01 SP Minnow 6" Laser Sardine 9.99

04317803367 Daiwa DSPM15S03 SP Minnow 6" Laser Shiner 9.99

04317803368 Daiwa DSPM15S13 SP Minnow 6" Laser Green Shiner 9.99

04317803369 Daiwa DSPM15S25 SP Minnow 6" Green Mackerel 9.99

04317803370 Daiwa DSPM15S30 SP Minnow 6" Yellow Pearl 9.99

04317803371 Daiwa DSPM15S32 SP Minnow 6" Sand Eel 9.99

04317803372 Daiwa DSPM15S34 SP Minnow 6" Black Purple 9.99

04317803373 Daiwa DSPM15S35 SP Minnow 6" Bone 9.99

04317803425 Daiwa DSPM15S36 SP Minnow 6" Bunker 9.99

04317803426 Daiwa DSPM15S37 SP Minnow 6" Spearing 9.99


Daiwa SP Bunker & SpearingSP Minnow Lures

  The amazing casting and catching SP Minnow from Daiwa continues to catch when other lures don't get a touch and it out produces when the bite is on! Like many lures when targeting big striped bass, after market modifications are necessary to better your odds with trophy class fish.  We fish and suggest you to fish with them only after replacing the stock hardware. Remove the stock hooks and split rings. Replace with Spro 90-lb split rings and VMC 9626 4x Strong 2/0 treble hooks, some anglers like to use 1/0's but we have found that the lures swim just as good with 2/0's and the hook up ratio goes way up. Some even go up a 3/0 but we have found it hinders the SP's swimming action. 4/0 is just over kill and hurts the SP Minnow's amazing swimming action.


When the Daiwa Salt Pro (SP) Minnow Lure hit the market, it took the North East fishing community by storm. In 2009 and 2010 the SP Minnow Lure caught on like wild fire. It was the most talked about and in demand lure. Those that had them out fished everyone who didn't, especially along the New Jersey coast. The SP Minnow features is a weight transfer system for easy long cast even into the wind. When a long cast is absolutely necessary the SP is the go to lure. The SP Minnow is also great to fish is strong currents. With their tight wiggle sassy, realistic color patterns and 3-D eyes, SP's fool all fish is all conditions.




Daiwa SP Minnow Lures - Color Chart



Daiwa SP Minnow Bullet - New Lure Coming Soon!





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