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Berkley GulpBerkley Gulp


Welcome to Berkley Gulp Central!

     Freshwater fish from coast to coast have experienced the allure of Berkley Gulp! baits. Berkley Gulp! out fishes live bait with its 400X more scent dispersion than other plastics. Now Berkley introduces the water based Gulp! formula to saltwater baits with five new shapes. The new Saltwater Gulp! baits have a life-like look to entice all saltwater game species. The 6-inch sandworm, 4-inch shrimp, 2-inch peeler crab, 6-inch bait swimmer and 4-inch swimming minnow have built-in physical features that mimic better than the real thing. With this selection of baits, fish from the surface to the bottom and those suspended and cruising, will be treated to the irresistible scent and flavor of Gulp! baits. And Gulp! saltwater baits are extremely durable and long lasting.

A popular fishing technique for the 6-inch sandworm uses the whole sandworm behind a spinner rig for still fishing, trolling or drifting. Blackfish and flounder canít resist the lifelike look.

The 4-inch shrimp and 2-inch peeler crab should be rigged for any technique appropriate for live shrimp or crab. Hook through the top of the head for a free-swimming look or thread onto a bait hook or jig head. These are great baits for redfish, speckled trout snapper, grouper and small tarpon and permit. Shrimp colors available include molting, natural shrimp, new penny and pearl white. Crab colors include amber glow, molting, natural peeler and new penny. The 6-inch bait swimmer, with its split tail design, and the 4-inch swimming minnow, with its swimming tail action, imitate saltwater baitfish such as blue runner, anchovy, grunts, mackerel and others. The bait swimmer and swimming minnow can be trolled, jigged off the bottom or cast and retrieved to sighted fish. Bait swimmer color choices include cigar minnow, herring, mackerel, sardine and squid. Swimming minnow colors include black, chartreuse, pearl white, pink, pumpkinseed, red, smoke, watermelon and yellow. The saltwater versions of Gulp! are water soluble and made from all natural ingredients. Since there is no plastic in the bait scents and flavors are released into the water 412 times faster than oil based plastic baits for a much broader zone of influence. Results Ė Gulp! out fishes live bait. And Gulp! saltwater baits are 100 percent biodegradable, totally dissolving in just nine months or less, depending on conditions.













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