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Guy Cotten Foul Weather Gear Logo

Guy Cotten Foul Weather Gear

Guy Cotten Foul Weather Gear aka rain gear is high-quality marine clothing. Guy Cotten offers a complete line of recreational and commercial fishing foul weather rain gear, yachting wear, fleece clothing and safety equipment for the high seas. Over the years, Guy Cotten has revolutionized the docks with their continual development specialized in protective clothing dedicated to commercial fishing industry as well as recreational fishing and boating. A great number of commercial fisherman have and continue to choose Guy Cotten's quality and comfort all over the world. Guy Cotten offers clothing where you'll find the fine details make the difference.

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Guy Cotten Rain Gear - Commercial Fishing - Heavy Duty
Guy Cotten X-Trapper Bib & Jacket

Guy Cotten VXT Series X-Trapper Hooded Jacket

  $122.99-134.99  Guy Cotten X-Trapper Hooded Jacket combines rip stop fabric with Cap-Coz PVC for optimal comfort and superior durability.

Guy Cotten XTR Series X-Trapper Bib Trouser

  $129.99-142.99  Guy Cotten X-Trapper Bibs feature rip stop fabric as well as triple layer knees and chest for heavy duty protection.

Guy Cotten Menfall Jacket & North Sea Bibs

Guy Cotten MUN(NP) Series Menfall Hooded Jacket

  $119.99-144.99  Guy Cotten Menfall Jacket features rip stop fabric with double flap snap closure and neoprene cuffs.


Guy Cotten CHF(NP) Series North Sea Bib Trouser

  $107.99-117.99  Guy Cotten North Sea Bibs have rip stop fabric all around, with two layers on the front.

Guy Cotten Rain Gear - Recreational Fishing - Medium Duty
Guy Cotten Pacific Bibs & Jacket - Medium Duty Foul Weather Gear

Guy Cotten PAJ Series Pacific Hooded Jacket

  $55.99-66.99  Guy Cotten Pacific Jacket is made with Glentex fabric and features adjustable elastic cuffs.

Guy Cotten PAB Series Pacific Bib Trouser

  $61.99-67.99  Guy Cotten Pacific Bib is made with Glentax fabric and is reversible front to back.

Guy Cotten Chinook Pullover

Guy Cotten CHI Series Chinook Hooded Pullover

  $75.99-83.99  Guy Cotten Chinook Pullover offers the ultimate weather protection and superior comfort. This 100% waterproof 1/4 Zip Hooded Pullover is ready for long exposure to bad weather. Features Neoprene Cuffs.

Guy Cotten Eureka Jacket

Guy Cotten EUR Series Eureka Hooded Jacket

  $134.99-149.99  Guy Cotten Eureka Jacket is a innovative fishing jacket that is breathable, waterproof, windproof and very comfortable.

The Eureka Zip Up Hooded Jacket from Guy Cotten offers excellence in comfort and outstanding protection from the wind and water! It is great for everyday sailing, fishing (both recreational or commercial) and everyday life as your go to casual rain jacket.

Guy Cotten Fleece Products - Polartec Fleece
Guy Cotten Yukon Pullover

Guy Cotten Yukon & Tongass Series Hooded Jacket

  $129.99-159.99  Guy Cotten Yukong Hooded Pullover and Tongass Hooded Zip-Up Jackets are hybrid PVC & fleece tops with neoprene cuffs. Featuring Polartec's Windbloc Fleece

Guy Cotten Fleece Hoodie & Fleece Pant

Guy Cotten ARS Series Artic Hoodie Fleece Hooded Pullover

  $97.99-110.99  Guy Cotten Artic Hoodie is a very warm and comfortable Polartec Hardface Windpro fleece pullover.

Guy Cotten POL Series Polar Pant Fleece Pants

  $102.99-111.99  Guy Cotten Polar Pant is a very warm and comfortable Polartec Hardface Windpro fleece pant.

Guy Cotten - Breathable & Waterproof

Guy Cotten MON 800 Splash Top Breathable Pullover

  $149.99-169.99  Guy Cotten Splash Top Pullover features SportPro fabric for a light weight and affordable highly breathable waterproof top that has neoprene cuffs and no hood. Great for surf fishing, kayaking and sailing.

Guy Cotten Surf Top 800 Series

Guy Cotten SURF 800 Series Breathable Pullover

  $247.99-285.99  Guy Cotten 800 Series Pullover features Dremtech+ fabric for a comfortable, highly breathable waterproof top that has neoprene cuffs. Very popular for surf fishing.

Guy Cotten Surf Top 1200 Series

Guy Cotten SURF 1200 Series Breathable Pullover

  $251.99-299.99  Guy Cotten 1200 Series Pullover features Dremtech+ fabric for a comfortable, highly breathable waterproof top that has latex cuffs. Great for surfcasting and kayak fishing.

Guy Cotten Headwear
Guy Cotten Fleece Balaclava Hood

Guy Cotten CAW Balaclava Fleece Hood

  $21.99  Guy Cotten Balaclava is made in the USA with Windpro Polartec Fleece. Comfortable and super warm!

Guy Cotten Accessories

- Sorry No Picture -

Guy Cotten BEL Belt

  $6.99  Guy Cotten adjustable elastic waist belt with buckle.

Guy Cotten Suspenders

Guy Cotten STR Suspenders

  $13.99  Guy Cotten replacement suspenders with buckles.

Guy Cotten Footwear
Guy Cotten GCU Series Deck Boots

Guy Cotten GCU Series Ultralite PU Deck Boots

  $84.99  Both recreational and commercial fisherman love the Guy Cotten Polyurethane Deck Boots for their comfort, support and superior slip resistant cleated sole.

Guy Cotten Astron Deck Boot

Guy Cotten AST Series Astron PVC Deck Boots

  $64.99  Guy Cotten durable, non-slip, non-scuff white sole Astron PVC deck boots features a lined inside with a soft fabric gasket at top of boot to keep water out and prevent chaff.

Guy Cotten Astron Boot Liner

Guy Cotten CBA Series Astron Boot Liners

  $20.99  Guy Cotten white foam Astron boot liners provide warmth and comfort.

Guy Cotten Gear Bags
Guy Cotten Gear Bag

Guy Cotten Gear Bags Gear Bags

  $124.99-216.99  Guy Cotten Gear Bags feature super strong and waterproof fabric with welded seams and a heavy duty zipper under a self grip double flap to keep you gear and belongings safe and dry.

Guy Cotten Sizing Chart
Guy Cotten Size Chart
Guy Cotten Fabrics - Description of Fabrics
Guy Cotten Fabric Details



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