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Grundens Weather Watch Jacket & Pants are waterproof and breathableWeather Watch Packable Raingear

Grundens Weather Watch Jackets - Black, Yellow, Red   The Weather Watch Lightweight Breathable Raingear from Grundens is the most durable packable raingear available today.  It will roll up into a tight bundle in a pack or duffel and be there when you need it to repel a light rain.  The Fabric is water resistant (waterproof to 8,000mm) and breathable (rated at 3,000mvp) with fully taped seams to prevent water intrusion through stitching.  This garment is lightweight, very durable and highly functional.

   Note from Fisherman's HQ Staff:  This garment doesn't come close to the performance (nor does the price) of a high end waterproof/breathable garment. The Weather Watch Series from Grundens is a great choice for an affordable, light weight, packable rain top and bottom. The Weather Watch Series is made to handle the unexpected rain and it should not be your go to rain coat when on the high seas! It is not the same 100% waterproof heavy duty quality that Grundens is known for in the commercial and recreational fishing industry as well as sailing world! Light rain, some spray... no problem. This garment will repel water; however, it WILL NOT PERFORM THE BEST in FOUL WEATHER (heavy water/weather) for a PROLONG PERIOD OF TIME. It literally struggles under pressure (heavy driving rain, submersion, sitting/leaning on wet surface) due to its breathable characteristics. Want something 100% Waterproof yet very affordable? Check out the Grundens Nordan Series... Grundens Nordan Bib & Jackets.  Want something 100% Waterproof yet very lightweight? Check out the Grundens Petrus Series... Grundens Petrus Pullover Tops, Grundens Petrus Waist Pants, Grundens Petrus 82 Hooded Button-up Jacket and Grundens Petrus 116 Bib Pants.

   The Grundens Weather Watch Lightweight Breathable Raingear is great for many different applications such as Hunting, Fishing, Sailing, Outdoor Construction, Paddle Sports, Snow Sports, Motorcycling, Sports Spectators, and every day unexpected rain.

   The Comfortable Hooded Full Zipper Jacket has a drop tail cinch-able hem, full sized adjustable hood, quick easy adjusting draw cords, two large outside secure zipper hand warmer pockets, two large inside deep secure pockets, full zipper front with double storm flap, and Velcro cinch wrist adjustment. The adjustable waist cinch cord along with the long back side provided improved weather protection.


Grundens Weather Watch Jacket
33252503352 GRUNDEN WWJBS Breathable Hooded Jacket - BLACK - S 45.99

33252503353 GRUNDEN WWJBM Breathable Hooded Jacket - BLACK - M 45.99

33252503354 GRUNDEN WWJBL Breathable Hooded Jacket - BLACK - L 45.99

33252503355 GRUNDEN WWJBXL Breathable Hooded Jacket - BLACK - XL 45.99

33252503356 GRUNDEN WWJB2X Breathable Hooded Jacket - BLACK - 2X 45.99

33252503357 GRUNDEN WWJB3X Breathable Hooded Jacket - BLACK - 3X 54.99

33252503358 GRUNDEN WWJB4X Breathable Hooded Jacket - BLACK - 4X 54.99

33252503359 GRUNDEN WWJB5X Breathable Hooded Jacket - BLACK - 5X 54.99

33252503303 GRUNDEN WWJHVM Breathable Hooded Jacket - NEON - M 61.99

33252503304 GRUNDEN WWJHVL Breathable Hooded Jacket - NEON - L 61.99

33252503305 GRUNDEN WWJHVXL Breathable Hooded Jacket - NEON - XL 61.99

33252503306 GRUNDEN WWJHV2X Breathable Hooded Jacket - NEON - 2X 61.99

33252503307 GRUNDEN WWJHV3X Breathable Hooded Jacket - NEON - 3X 71.99

33252503308 GRUNDEN WWJHV4X Breathable Hooded Jacket - NEON - 4X 71.99

33252503309 GRUNDEN WWJHV5X Breathable Hooded Jacket - NEON - 5X 71.99

33252503383 GRUNDEN WWJRM Breathable Hooded Jacket - RED - M 45.99

33252503384 GRUNDEN WWJRL Breathable Hooded Jacket - RED - L 45.99

33252503385 GRUNDEN WWJRXL Breathable Hooded Jacket - RED - XL 45.99

33252503386 GRUNDEN WWJR2X Breathable Hooded Jacket - RED - 2X 45.99

33252503387 GRUNDEN WWJR3X Breathable Hooded Jacket - RED - 3X 54.99

33252503388 GRUNDEN WWJR4X Breathable Hooded Jacket - RED - 4X 54.99

33252503389 GRUNDEN WWJR5X Breathable Hooded Jacket - RED - 5X 54.99

Grundens Weather Watch Waist Pants - Black



Grundens Weather Watch Waist Pants


  The comfortable fitting Waist Pant have a 1 inch wide elastic belt, two secure zipper hand warmer pockets and one thigh cargo pocket. Each pant leg is fitted with a bottom leg zipper to make it easy to put on or remove the pants without removing shoes or boots.

Grundens Weather Watch Waist Pants - Black
33252503552 GRUNDEN WWTBS Breathable Waist Pant - BLACK - S 44.99

33252503553 GRUNDEN WWTBM Breathable Waist Pant - BLACK - M 44.99

33252503554 GRUNDEN WWTBL Breathable Waist Pant - BLACK - L 44.99

33252503555 GRUNDEN WWTBXL Breathable Waist Pant - BLACK - XL 44.99

33252503556 GRUNDEN WWTB2X Breathable Waist Pant - BLACK - 2X 44.99

33252503557 GRUNDEN WWTB3X Breathable Waist Pant - BLACK - 3X 52.99

33252503558 GRUNDEN WWTB4X Breathable Waist Pant - BLACK - 4X 52.99

33252503559 GRUNDEN WWTB5X Breathable Waist Pant - BLACK - 5X 52.99

Grundens Weather Watch Bib Pants



Grundens Weather Watch Bib Pants


  The Grundens Gage Weather Watch Bibs from Grundens Technical Gear are lightweight, comfortable Bibs Pants that are made from the same material as the other Weather Watch Items listed above, waterproof to 8000mm and breath-ability rating at 3000 mvp. These bibs conveniently roll up to stow away.


 Grundens Gage Weather Watch Bib Pant Features:

bulletFully Sealed Seams
bulletAdjustable Suspenders
bulletAdjustable Leg Cuff
bulletRight Leg Cargo Pocket
bulletLight weight and packable
bulletInside Zip Chest Pocket


Grundens Weather Watch Bib Pants - Black
33252504452 GRUNDEN WWBBS Breathable Bib Pant - BLACK - S 56.99

33252504453 GRUNDEN WWBBM Breathable Bib Pant - BLACK - M 56.99

33252504454 GRUNDEN WWBBL Breathable Bib Pant - BLACK - L 56.99

33252504455 GRUNDEN WWBBXL Breathable Bib Pant - BLACK - XL 56.99

33252504456 GRUNDEN WWBB2X Breathable Bib Pant - BLACK - 2X 56.99

33252504457 GRUNDEN WWBB3X Breathable Bib Pant - BLACK - 3X 65.99

33252504458 GRUNDEN WWBB4X Breathable Bib Pant - BLACK - 4X 65.99

33252504459 GRUNDEN WWBB5X Breathable Bib Pant - BLACK - 5X 65.99

Grundens Weather Watch Bib Pants - Hi-Vis Yellow
33252504402 GRUNDEN WWBHVS Breathable Bib Pant - YELLOW - S 56.99

33252504403 GRUNDEN WWBHVM Breathable Bib Pant - YELLOW - M 56.99

33252504404 GRUNDEN WWBHVL Breathable Bib Pant - YELLOW - L 56.99

33252504405 GRUNDEN WWBHVXL Breathable Bib Pant - YELLOW - XL 56.99

33252504406 GRUNDEN WWBHV2X Breathable Bib Pant - YELLOW - 2X 56.99

33252504407 GRUNDEN WWBHV3X Breathable Bib Pant - YELLOW - 3X 65.99

33252504408 GRUNDEN WWBHV4X Breathable Bib Pant - YELLOW- 4X 65.99

33252504409 GRUNDEN WWBHV5X Breathable Bib Pant - YELLOW - 5X 65.99





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