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Grundens Raingear- Foul Weather Gear Click Here to Browse the Grundens Full Product Price List and Special Order Any Items Grundens Offers
Click Here to Browse Our Grundens Protective Layer SelectionClick Here to Browse Our Grundens Outer Layer SelectionClick Here to Browse Our Grundens Base Layer Selection
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For 2016 Grundens introduced their new Sportfishing Appeal line of technical clothing. Currently we have a large variety of the new garments in stock. The shorts and shirts are very functional and classy. Their new outer wear offers the best in ultra light weight breathability. Call for more information.





100% Waterproof Foul Weather Gear

  Professional Heavy Duty

Grundens Brigg 44 Parka

Grundéns Brigg 44 Parka & Brigg 34 Anorak - Hooded Jacket & Pullover

Grundens PVC/Cotton Fabric$127.99-161.99  The Grundéns Brigg 44 & 34 Jackets are made from a heavy cotton twill base material, coated with a specially formulated PVC for a total weight of 540 g/m2.

Grundens Herk 16 Pants

Grundéns Herkules 16 - Bib Pants

Grundens PVC/Cotton Fabric$115.99-151.99  The Grundéns Hercules 16 Pant is made from a heavy duty cotton duck base fabric which is coated with a special formulated PVC for a total weight of 610 g/m2.18 oz per yard. The Herk is Grundéns' heaviest and most durable fabric. They are fully reversible (front to back) for extended wear.

Grundens Balder Series Bib & Jacket

Grundéns Balder 302 Jacket & 504 Bib - Hooded Jacket & Bib Pants

Grundens PVC/Cotton Fabric$121.99-165.99  The Grundéns Balder series rainwear is tailored from specially developed heavy-duty PVC coated poly-cotton twill. It is very durable, flexible and offers the utmost comfort. The Grundéns Balder Series has impressive features and craftsmanship at a great price. Balder Bibs have inside chest pocket. Balder Jacket has neoprene inner cuffs. Both have reflective stripes for safety/visibility.

Grundens Petrus Hi-Vis Raingear

Grundéns Petrus Hi-Vis- Hooded Jacket & Bib Pants

Grundens PU/Polyester Fabric$102.99-138.99  The Grundéns Petrus Heavy Duty Hi-Vis Raingear is made from a knitted polyester base fabric with a specially formulated polyurethane applied to one side.  This heavy duty fabric is lightweight (230 g/m2.) and has stretch for maximum maneuverability and comfort.


  Standard Medium & Light Duty

Grundens Clipper 82 Hooded Jacket

Grundéns Clipper 82 & 282 - Hooded Jacket

Grundens PVC/Cotton Fabric$81.99-121.99  The Grundéns Clipper Hooded Jacket is made out of a cotton twill base material coated with a specially formulated PVC for a total weight of 325 g/m2. The Grundéns Clipper Jacket features covered snaps and secure storm flap, attached hood, draw cord.

Grundens Clipper 116 Bib Pants

Grundéns Clipper 116 & 117- Bib Pants

Grundens PVC/Cotton Fabric$71.99-114.99  The Grundéns Clipper 116 and 117 Bib Pants are made from a cotton twill base material coated with a specially formulated PVC for a total weight of 325 g/m2. The Grundéns Clipper bibs feature a tighter cut than the Grundéns Herkules pants.

Grundens Nordan 28 & 82 Bibs & Jacket

Grundéns Nordan 28 & 82 - Bib Pants & Hooded Jacket

Grundens PVC/Nylon Fabric$52.99-80.99  The Nordan Garments are a knitted nylon base material, laminated to a PVC layer (total of 330 g/m2). The result is a lightweight, soft, flexible 100% waterproof material that offers reasonably good durability. Very affordable!

Grundens Petrus 82 Hooded Jacket

Grundéns Petrus 82 - Hooded Jacket

Grundens PU/Polyester Fabric$90.99-115.99  The Grundéns Petrus 82 Parka is made from a polyurethane coated polyamide jersey which weighs in at 170 g/m2. It's Grundens Lightest Fabric which makes it very popular for wearing in warm temperatures. It's very comfortable on bare skin. The strength to weight ratio of this fabric is remarkable--an entire set (jacket and bibs) weighs just 2 pounds.

Grundens Petrus 116 Bib Pants

Grundéns Petrus 116 - Bib Pants

Grundens PU/Polyester Fabric$85.99-110.99  The matching set of bib pants for the Grundéns Petrus 82 Parka (hooded jacket) list directly above. Super light weight (170 g/m2) and comfortable yet strong with a hint of stretch. If durability is a key concern, consider the Grundens Clipper 116 Bibs.


Grundens Petrus 760 Medium Duty Pullover

Grundéns Petrus 760 - Medium Duty Pullover

Grundens PU/Polyester Fabric$111.99-136.99  Made from a polyurethane coated polyamide jersey which weighs in at 170 g/m2. It's Grundens Lightest Fabric! Very popular for wearing in warm temperatures. It's comfortable on bare skin. The strength to weight ratio of this fabric is remarkable. Features Neoprene Cuffs & No Hood

Grundens Petrus 762 Medium Light Duty Pullover

Grundéns Petrus 762 - Med/Light Duty Pullover

Grundens PU/Polyester Fabric$120.99-146.99  Made from a polyurethane coated polyamide jersey which weighs in at 170 g/m2. It's Grundens Lightest Fabric! The strength to weight ratio of this fabric is remarkable. Most popular recreational fishing anorak (pullover) because it is light and allows for maximum maneuverability and comfort. Features Neoprene Cuffs & Hood

Grundens Petrus 801 Waist Pants

Grundéns Petrus 801 - Waist Pants

Grundens PU/Polyester Fabric$74.99-97.99  Made from a polyurethane coated polyamide jersey which weighs in at 170 g/m2. It's Grundens Lightest Fabric! The strength to weight ratio of this fabric is remarkable. These waist pants are great for wearing in a variety of settings and are especially popular as a packable for protection from early morning misty dew or unexpected shower. Very easy to roll up and store away without sacrificing space.


Grundens Sund 87 & 763 Jacket

Grundéns Sund 87 & 763 - Fleece Lined Jacket

Grundens PU/Polyester Fabric$135.99-176.99  Made from PVC coated polyester fleece (370 g/m2) these waterproof jacket are the first choice for cold weather fisherman. The waterproof outer shell and inside fleece offers the beast of both worlds, dry and warm. These are the ultimate fleece jackets for those who are out on the water when it's cold.

Grundens Sund 811

Grundéns Sund 811 - Fleece Lined Pants

Grundens PU/Polyester Fabric$126.99  The Grundéns Sund 811 is waist pants that match the Sund 87/763 list directly above. Made from PVC coated polyester fleece (370 g/m2). The waterproof outer shell and inside fleece offers the beast of both worlds, dry and warm.

Water-Resistant & Breathable Gear by
Grundéns Gage

Grundens Gage Ragnar Series

Grundéns Gage Ragnar R 90 & 99 - Softshell / PVC Jackets

$122.99-135.99  The Grundéns Gage Ragnar Series is a Softshell-PVC Hybrid Jacket that is made up of 25% soft-shell [chest, shoulders, hood, upper back] and 75% Heavy Duty PVC [arms, abdomen, mid-lower back]. Grundéns Technical Gage Softshell is water repellant, breathable, 100% windproof fabric that also has a slight stretch for incredible comfort and maneuverability.Grundens PVC/Cotton Fabric

Grundens Weather Boos Hooded Jacket Grundéns Weather Boss - Pants & Hooded Jacket

$113.99-145.99   Made from a 500 denier nylon that is coated and taped (seems) on the inside theses garments are perfect for cold weather and the snow. Waterproof to 10,000mm and breathable at a rate of 5,000mvp.


Grundens Weather Gage

Grundéns Weather Gage - Softshell Hooded Jacket

$146.99-165.99   These Grundéns Jackets feature a water repellent and breathable membrane outer with a comfortable micro fleece inner lining to provide a jacket suitable for all but the most extreme weather conditions.  This jacket is not waterproof!

Weather Watch Hooded Jacket & Pant

Grundéns Weather Watch - Packable Lightweight Raingear

$44.99-65.99  Grundéns Lightweight Breathable Raingear that is packable.  It will roll up into a tight bundle in a pack or duffel and be there when you need it to repel an unexpected rain.


  Fleece Wear

Grundens Gage Fogbow Poly Tech Hooded Pullover

Grundéns Gage Fogbow Poly Tech Sweatshirt - Hooded Pullover

$62.99-72.99  The Grundens Gage Fogbow is a high performance hooded pullover that is super comfortable. The Fogbow's synthetic technical microfiber fabric (100% polyester) "Poly Tech" out performs any traditional cotton sweatshirt. The Fogbow's smooth hard face is very durable and offers superior wind block and water resistance. The Fogbow Hoody makes a fantastic replacement for old school cotton sweatshirts still frequently worn as a layering piece under rain-gear.

Grundens Anuri Fleece Jacket & Pant

Grundéns Anuri Fleece Jacket & Pant - High Loft Fleece

$92.99-112.99  The The Grundens Anuri Series is the world's most comfortable mid-layer. The Grundens Anuri fabric is an ultra high loft lined fleece which is super soft, warm and has 4-way stretch for maximum mobility. The fleece fabric is windproof and water resistant offering protection from the elements. The Anuri garment are best utilized as a mid-layer for maximum warmth, worn underneath a Grundens outer shell like a Clipper or Brigg/Herk PVC garment.

Grundens FT18 Fleece Hooded Jacket

Grundéns Fleece Top & Pants - Hooded Top & Pants: Heavy Fleece

$60.99-67.99  Soft, comfortable and exceptionally warm for its weight, non-pilling polyester fleece that is 3M treated. Ideal for damp environments because it is quick-drying. This creates a special "moisture management finish" which adds to the natural wicking action of the fabric, transports moisture away from your skin, and helps keep you warm and dry.

Grundens Sweat Pants


  Lightweight Breathable Polyester

Grundens Fiske Skins Breathable Top

Grundéns Fiske Skins - Long Underwear

$25.99-27.99  100% polyester fabric wicks moisture away for quick drying. It has a peached finish on the inside for added comfort and is treated with silpure for odor control. - Each sold separately.


Grundens Fiske Skins Breathable Pants


Grundens Glove Liner Grundéns Outlast Glove Liner

$10.99  The Grundéns Gage Outlast Knit Glove wick away perspiration and eliminate chaff offering essential comfort and extra warmth under gloves. Great to wear under gloves while fishing.

Grundens Sandhmn PVC Hat Grundéns Sandhamn Hat

$43.99  The Grundéns Sandhamn aka Sou'Wester is a PVC/ nylon waterproof wide brim hat with neck protection and ear flaps.  It also has an adjustable chin strap.

Grunden Flap Cap & Watch Cap Grundéns Flap Cap & Watch Cap

$22.99-24.99  The Grundéns Flap Cap and Grundéns Watch Cap hats are made from windproof fleece. Snug fitting, warm, and durable.

Grundens Eat Fish Beanies

Grundéns Eat Fish Knitted Beanies

$22.99-24.99  The Grundéns Eat Fish Knitted Beanies will keep your head warm and let everyone know that you love Grundéns.


Grundens Knitted Beanies


Grundéns Gage Knitted Beanies

$9.99-17.99  The Grundéns Gage Knitted Beanies are warm, comfortable and stylish. Wear them on the water and on the town.

Grundens Gage Wool Flap Cap

Grundéns Gage Knitted Wool Blend Flap Cap

$26.99  The Grundéns Gage Knitted Wool Blend Flap Cap Beanies offers ear protection and its interior fleece band liner added extra warmth and comfort.

Grundens Neck Gaiter - Scarf/Bandanna/Mask

Grundéns Multi-Purpose Neck Gaiter

$14.99  This lightweight, comfortable multi-purpose neck gaiter from Grundens offers the right amount of neck and face protection from the sun, wind, or cold. It has a variety of uses and can be worn many different ways... as a scarf, beanie, neckerchief, bandanna, mask, headband and more.


Grundens Herk Apron

Grundéns Apron 

Grundens PVC/Cotton Fabric$34.99-39.99  These Grundéns Aprons (depending on the model) features the same material as the Grundens Herk or Clipper Bibs. The Grundéns Aprons features a nylon webbing neck strap and a simple clip back closure.


Grundens Gage Knife

Grundéns Deck Knife

$17.99  The Grundéns Gage Deck Knife is a fisherman’s tool! The Gage Deck Knife is a great all around utility knife that is ready for action both commercial and recreational fishing.

Grundens Gear Bags

Grundéns Gear Bags - Back Packs, Duffel Bags

$63.99-95.99  Grundéns Heavy Duty Gear Bags are what you need when on the move. Keep your Grundéns Gear as well as other personal belongings dry in these waterproof and water resistant gear bags.

Grundens Neoprene Cuffs

Grundéns Neo Cuffs

$16.99  These 3mm neoprene cuffs are the choice to seal up the area between you jacket and gloves.  The stretch characteristics of the neoprene provide for a snug fit.


Grundens Belt


Grundéns Belt

$7.99  Adjustable Elastic Belt with Speed Clip Style Closure

Grundens Suspenders

Grundéns Suspenders

$13.99  Adjustable Elastic Suspenders with Speed Clips make for easy connection to bibs.

Grundens Clip

Grundéns Replacement Clips

$0.99  Fix broken or damaged suspenders clips.  This spare clip can save the day.

Grundens Leg/Ankle Strap


Grundéns Leg Straps

$8.99  Elastic Velcro Straps make it easy to snug down the ankle.

Grundens Repair Kit Patch

Grundéns Patch Kit - Aqua-Seal Fix-it Kit

$9.99  Grundéns Patch Kit contains instructions, one orange patch, one green patch and one (1oz) tube of Aqua Seal (urethane repair adhesive).


*** Any Grundens Products can be special ordered for you, please contact us.

Click Here for Grundens 2015 Full Product Line Pricing



Grundens Weather Gear - "G" Logo

  Grundéns is the Professional Choice in Quality Foul Weather Gear Since 1926! Rainwear with authentic rugged quality! Grundéns protective clothing is best known for its rugged performance within the commercial marine industry. As seen on the popular reality show “Deadliest Catch”, the men and women who have one of the riskiest jobs in the world use Grundéns gear. They depend on the garments to keep warm and dry, in the most difficult and harshest conditions the high seas have to offer.  Since 1926, Grundéns has produced the very best foul weather protection, constructed with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Grundéns products are continually tested in the toughest laboratory known to man, the outdoors, by hardworking men and women in extreme weather.


More and more people in all outdoor occupations and outdoor pursuits now enjoy the quality, function and joy that comes from wearing a true Grundens Quality garment. Grundens are the best when working on the water or by the water, but also when working in fields like agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, utilites and much more. Grundens are the best waterproof outer wear for all of life's chores. Live and work in Grundens it will be much better!


The Grundens Guarantee - Grundens garments are sold with a full guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials. Such defects are extremely rare and will become apparent with minimal use. Any such defects should be returned for repair or replacement prior to extensive use. Garments that have been worn extensively will not be deemed defective. The plastic coated material as well as the high frequency welded seams are 100 percent wind and waterproof. Some not welded seams and body perspiration may; however, make the fabric moist on the inside. For this reason the garment should occasionally be dried inside out. All rivets, buttons, rings etc are made of brass or special plastic and do not rust. To prolong the life of the garment, spots of oil should be removed with soap and water as soon as possible. When washing follow instructions inside each garment. Most all state: Do not dry clean! Do not bleach! Do not Iron! Do not press with heat! Hand wash in cold, warm or hot water. Rinse well and hang dry inside out. Please note that light colored garments should not be stored next to other colored garments which are not color-fast for any length of time. This might cause "plasticizer migration" that would  result in discoloration of the light colored garment which can not be removed.


Please keep in mind: Grundens Professional Duty - Commercial Grade (Heavy Duty Weight) garments are a fuller cut garment.  Heavy Duty Grundens garments like the Hercules 16 Bib Pants and 44 Brigg Jackets are intentionally cut to have a "roomy oversize fit."  Because of this, some recreational customers choose one size smaller. The Standard Duty - Light Commercial or Recreational Grade garments have a trimmer "normal cut fit." Please think twice when choosing the size. Feel free to call or email and ask for a measurement.  Please remember, only new condition items can be returned at the customers expense for a refund or an exchange for another size or item. Also, if suspenders are shown in picture they will be included.


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