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Hands Down, G.Loomis is the number one name in fishing rods!  G.Loomis offers anglers the very best high performance fishing rods that cast further with more accuracy. G.Loomis's rods offer anglers extreme power with ultra fast action for the best hook sets and incredible sensitivity.  Feel the bottom and differentiate between it and the smallest nibble or strike. All of their rods are very lightweight which eliminates arm fatigue. They use their own ultra-high modulus graphite blanks which gives the rods their unique characteristics. Anglers who fish G.Loomis rods are more comfort and have more confidence because their rods are light as a feather and built tough in the USA.

G.Loomis Rod Blank Descriptions

bulletGLX - The Best of the Best!  For the hard-core angler that demands the ultimate in performance these rod blanks are the lightest, strongest and most sensitive rods available. These blanks are up to 25% lighter than rods at a comparable strength. Super fast action and incredible sensitivity, these rods are in a class all by themselves.

bulletIMX - High Performance! With an impressive modulus (stiffness-to-weight ratio) and an extremely high strain-rate (elongation-to-failure rating), G.Loomis is able to manufacture rod blanks that can be as much as 40% lighter than comparable standard graphite rods and incredibly more sensitive. Quick, responsive action and efficiency in the casting stroke provided by this high energy, high performance material.

bulletGL3 - Mid-range performance blank that offers a perfect blend of intermediate modulus fibers with a fairly high strain-rate. Blanks are made from G.Loomis' extremely popular GL3 graphite, born from improvements to the original IM6 blanks. The blanks are substantially lighter and more responsive than standard graphite blanks, making them a great value for the level of performance offered.


bulletGL2 - High performance at an entry-level price. Standard graphite blanks made in the tradition of G. Loomis performance with numerous technical improvements to make it stronger and more durable.  It's substantially more responsive, lighter and more sensitive than other graphite rods on the market.  Amazingly powerful with a strength-to-weight ratio that will surprise you. Thanks to a highly effective epoxy resin system, you won't find a tougher, stronger blank for its weight anywhere.




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