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ESCA Technology Logo

ESCA Lure LightESCA Lure Light

  The Esca Lure Light is an innovative and revolutionary light-emitting lure that is a proven fish catcher. The Esca lure light is not your usual static or blinking lure light because it does not use batteries. The Esca technology generates its own energy in saltwater (through electrolysis) and can withstand pressure at depths of up to 500 meters.  The Esca turns on when it is submerged in saltwater and turns off when it is pulled out. The Esca lure light is great for all styles of fishing. Use the Esca as an add-on to any lure, bait rig or tackle. The Esca Lure is especially popular for wreck fishing, drifting for fluke, jigging (attach via split ring to the top of a jig) and give anglers a huge advantage when fishing at night.  The Esca lure light is very productive when night time chucking for tuna and swordfish (attach just like a light stick). Rig the Esca Lure Light in a variety of ways, be creative! Catch More Fish with Esca Lure Lights! "More Fish, More Fun!"  More Information About the Esca Lure Lights


Item Code Description Price  
09001806002 ESCA MS102B - Blue Light Lure - Slow Fading Blink  SOLD OUT 19.99
09001806003 ESCA MS103B - Blue Light Lure - Rapid Multi Blink SOLD OUT 19.99
09001806006 ESCA MS102G - Green Light Lure - Slow Fading Blink SOLD OUT 19.99
09001806007 ESCA MS103G - Green Light Lure - Rapid Multi Blink  SOLD OUT 19.99


Deep Ocean Bait - Krill, Dinoflagellates, Baby SquidEducate yourself by reading this research document and/or watching this movie. Learn about light in the ocean! As seen on Discovery Channel's Planet Earth Deep Ocean, the ocean is full of light emitting organisms. Scientist estimate that 90% of deep-sea marine life produce bioluminescence in one form or another. From small marine plankton such as dinoflagellates to crustaceans and squid to the anglerfish and the cookie cutter shark, oceanic species through out the food chain utilize light and depend on it for their survival. (Source: 2009. Bioluminescence, Wikipedia.)


ESCA Advantages:

The ESCA Lure Light Why use Esca?  "More Fish, More Fun!"  The Esca Technology works best when used in combination with your favorite fishing tackle and rigs. The Esca lure light enhances their performance.

  Here are some advantages:
   - It is simple irresistible to fish

   - Attracts fish, Triggers the Hunting & Striking instinct in fish

   - Can be used together with spinners, jigs and bait
   - Improves the performance of your favorite items of fishing tackle
   - Generates its own power in salt water - No batteries required – environmentally friendly and safe
   - Lasts at least 100 hours in seawater

   - Esca technology is the only lure light that imitates the bioluminescence found in the ocean naturally by marine life forms.



More Esca Information:

   Over millions of years, various marine species have developed specialized light-emitting organs. Esca means lure light, and it is used by a lot of important organisms in the sea, such as krill and squid. Esca is also the name of the light organ of the anglerfish. This has a long modified dorsal fin with a light organ at the end, which is the esca itself. The anglerfish lies motionless on the seabed using its esca to attract other fish. When the prey goes for the esca, the anglerfish strikes and swallows the prey whole. 

   The ESCA Lure Light uses light technology to attract fish and help trigger the hunting and striking instinct. No batteries required! The ESCA unit has a raised silver-colored circle on one side. This is an environmentally friendly metal. When immersed in salt water the ESCA generates its own power by electrolysis and this metal disk gradually gets smaller and smaller until the product eventually stops working. When used normally, the product should last for about 100 hours of active fishing – this being the number of hours in which it is actually activated by the seawater. Whenever the ESCA is removed from salt water and allowed to "dry off" the light turns off. NOTE: The ESCA lure light only works when immersed in salt water and not in fresh water.

   The ESCA Lure Light weighs about 1/4-ounce (9 grams) and can be used by itself as a small jig with a hook connected or connect the ESCA Lure Light in combination with a variety of lures. While fishing offshore or inshore... while trolling or jigging... while drifting a cut bait or casting a lure… the ESCA can be attached ahead or behind a jig, spoon, and lure or just before a bare hook. Typically when trolling or jigging the ESCA Lure Light is attached between the jig and hook and when casting it is attached between the jig and swivel. To use the ESCA Lure Light with any offshore lures simply thread the leader line through both rings of the ESCA and then allow the ESCA to slide to the nose of the lure. The ESCA can also be mounted inside many hollow bodied lures. Remember, the ESCA lure light needs to be covered in salt water to work. The application of the ESCA is only limited by your imagination.

  What is special about the ESCA lure light is that light is emitted in all directions, whereas the smell of the bait spreads out only in the direction in which the water is flowing. The colors blue and green are very specific light wavelengths that simulate lure lights used by certain marine organisms. Blue light is the color most commonly used by marine organisms in their light organs. It is also the wavelength that penetrates deepest and furthest in water. In shallower waters containing more particles and algae, green light is more often used, though this varies from season to season and place to place.

ESCA Lure Light Models & Specifics:

Model          Color     Light pattern   Description
MS 103 B  -  Blue    -  Multiblink   -    Rapid blink
MS 102 B  -  Blue    -  Fading       -    Slow blink
MS 103 G  -  Green  -  Multiblink  -     Rapid blink
MS 102 G  -  Green  -  Fading      -     Slow blink

  Esca Global AS a Norwegian company has developed this revolutionary technology based on methods used by marine organisms that use lure lights as bait.  The technology imitates these natural lure lights, and so it has been named Esca Technology. Esca Global AS is the only company in the world to offer lure lights that imitate the lure lights used in nature by marine life forms.

ESCA Guarantee:

The ESCA is the world's best saltwater lure light and fish attractor! Here is the ESCA "more fish, more fun" Guarantee:

Esca Global AS gives the following guarantee in the form of an extended right of return – in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer:

You are entitled to return the products and have your purchase sum refunded subject to fulfillment of the following conditions:
  • You must have used at least 2 of our 4 Esca variants as specified above, in combination with your favorite spinners and together with natural bait (mackerel, shrimp, squid, etc.), without, in your opinion, catching any more fish.
  • The Esca Technology must have been used in salt water
  • You must return your two Esca products to us within 6 months after the date of purchase, together with:
      o copies of the original receipts
      o a brief description of:
  • where you went fishing, and what techniques you used
  • which type of bait was used
  • why you are dissatisfied
      o your full name and address
      o your account number
  • You may only use this return/refund right one time.
  • Only the purchase price will be refunded, not shipping and handling etc.
  • You must pay the costs of returning the Esca units to us at the following address:

  Esca Global AS
  Sandviksveien 163 A
  5035 Bergenn

  Please note that this guarantee is provided by Esca Global AS, and that the Esca units must be sent to us. We regret that you cannot return the Esca units to the store where the units were purchased.

  If our products are in any way defective, you can of course complain in accordance with prevailing and applicable consumer purchases rules. Your personal data will be used only for processing the return of the purchase sum, and ESCA Global AS will then delete them on completion of the refund. Any data linked to the transaction will however be saved by our bank. If you have any questions concerning the way in which we use your personal data, or if you wish to make use of your own rights relating to correction, deletion, etc. in accordance with personal data protection legislation, please feel free to contact us.


ESCA Technology Logo




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