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ProFishCo Professional Rigging Components

The ProFish Company offers anglers professional rigging components! The focal point of the ProFishCo Professional Rigging System is a welded ring (manufactured from aircraft grade 302 stainless steel) with an unbreakable miniature-grooved wheel grommet on it which provides a fail-safe connection that will not corrode. The grommet is made from black Delrin, a space-age engineering plastic.

The Pro-Magnum Ring & Grommet and the Pro-Magnum Ball Bearing Swivel are the perfect choice for rigging lures and baits. To attach a line simply loop it around the grommet and crimp or knot it tightly in place for a perfect connection every time. Once attached, the grommet eliminates leader line chafing and the welded ring provides easy connection via any snap or snap swivels. ProFish's grommeted rings and swivels eliminate the need for chafe gear and simplify the tackle rigging process. Whether you are rigging up with monofilament, fluorocarbon or cable ProFishCo Rings and Swivels are the professional choice!


ProFish PMR5 Grommeted SwivelProFish Pro-Magnum Ball Bearing Swivel w/ Double Ring & Grommet


The Pro-Magnum Ball Bearing Swivels feature a Ring & Grommet on both sides of the precision ball bearing swivel. These ProFish Pro-Magnum Ball Bearing Swivels are coated with a flat black Teflon coating which outlasts paint and provides long lasting corrosion protection.


ProFish PMR5 Package Contains: Two Ball Bearing Grommeted 200# Swivels and Four 500# MGR Magnum Grommeted Rings.

63474230500 ProFish PMR5 - 2 Ringed Swivels + 4 MGR Rings 12.99




ProFishCo Professional Rigging Components





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