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Do-It Molds Logo


Do-It Sinker & Jig Molds

Do It Molds: Sinker Molds - Jig Molds - Brass Wire Eyes - Jig Paint

Do-It Molds Feature:

Do-It Molds are cast from hard, warp resistant aluminum alloy. The faces are machined smooth and flat (not simply ground or pressed). Both sides are then hand lapped together to prevent flash. The style and size of any hook, swivel or other required insert is permanently market on each mold. Hinges are machined to a tight fit to assure precision alignment.  Every mold is individually tested to insure quality. Each jig and lure mold is checked and inspected for proper hook and insert fit.  Wooden handles (replaceable) insulate the mold and are color coded.  Hanger holes are in each handle so the mold can be stored easily.


LEE Magnum Melter    
Ladle pouring can be faster and better than bottom pouring for sinker molds and many jig and lure molds. At last there is an economical high capacity dip out melter available! The large 20 pound capacity LEE MAGNUM MELTER is a convenient way to melt lead for ladle pouring. It utilizes the proven Lee high-efficiency design to raise lead to temperature in about 20 minutes from a cold start, holds twenty pounds of lead, and has a calibrated thermostat to maintain proper temperature. The 4" x 4" I.D. carbon steel pot is large enough to work well with the large No.1905 Cast Iron Ladle (sold separately below). 2 year Manufacturer Guaranteed. 700 Watts, 110 Volt AC.




An efficient bottom pouring furnace holding approximately 10 lbs. of lead. This model features four inches of clearance under the spout. It is a very good unit for making jigs weighing less than 1/2 oz. and can be used to mold sinkers up to one ounce in size. 500 watts, 110 volt AC, adjustable heat control, 2 year Manufacturer Guaranteed.


01077401806 Palmer Hot Pot 2 Melter 

  PALMER 1892 HOT POT 2 - An improved version of the traditional "electric ladle". The heating element is now mounted externally to greatly extend element life. The HOT POT 2 both melts and pours lead. It is a convenient and inexpensive beginners unit since there is nothing else to buy. Features: 3" x 1-3'4", 4 lb. lead capacity cast iron pot, heat resistant plastic handle, metal stand, and three foot power cord. 120 Volts AC, 500 Watts.





HP2RE Palmer Hot Pot Replacement ElementPalmer Hot Pot 2 Replacement Element

PALMER Replacement Element 500 Watt for Hot Pot 2


2572401904 Cast Iron Melting Pot - 1904 Large 20 lb. capacity. This 5" diameter cast iron pot holds twice as much metal as the average bullet pot. Recommended for all around use.



2572401905 Cast Iron Ladle - 1905 This large ladle has a 3" cup diameter to hold up to 1 1/2 lbs. of lead to pour large cavity molds. It is excellent for pouring sinkers and jigs. Features both left and right hand pouring lips. Intended for use with the No. 1904 cast iron pot listed one step above.





Sinker Molds



BANK SINKERS - Bank Sinkers are one of the most popular sinker designs with both fresh and saltwater fishermen. Bank Sinkers feature hexagon sides to resist rolling in current and a tapered shape for fewer snags in rocks.  Bank sinkers perfect for drift fishing.

2572401102 DO IT-1102-BANK SINKER MOLD - 2/3/4/5oz-1ea 39.00


2572401103 DO IT-1103-BANK SINKER MOLD - 6/8oz-1ea 39.00




River Sinker Mold - Large donut shaped sinkers are used in rivers, tidal flats, coastal areas and areas with strong currents or surf. Low profile and raised edges prevents the rolling or tumbling that can affect other sinker types under these conditions. Mold #3179 requires the No.2 Brass Eye, Listed Below

2572403179 DO IT-3179-River Sinker Mold-2/3/4oz-1ea 39.00




EGG SINKERS The Egg Sinker or Slip Sinker as it is sometimes called has numerous advantages over conventional sinkers. The line will slip through the sinker, thus the fish will not feel the weight of the sinker when it picks up the bait, and setting the hook will be quicker without the sinker's resistance. In addition, the fish cannot use the sinker's weight to help throw the hook when breaking water. A PEG-332 pull pin included with each mold.

2572401170 DO IT-1170-EGG SINKER MOLD - 1/8_1/4_3/8_1/2_3/4_1_11/4_2_3 43.00


2572401173 DO IT-1173-EGG SINKER MOLD - 1/2/3/4/5oz-1ea 43.00




CRESCENT SINKERS Designed to be used as an in-line sinker, the crescent shape acts as a keel on the sinker to prevent rotation and line twist. Brass wire eyelets are solidly anchored on each end. Optional swivels may be added to each wire eye to further improve performance. Molds require brass wire eye inserts

2572401180 DO IT-1180-CRESCENT SINKER MOLD - 1 - 1 1/2 - 2 - 3oz.  1ea 39.00



IN-LINE TROLLING SINKERS This sinker features a streamlined shape to slip through the water with minimal resistance. Requires tough and inexpensive Brass Wire Eyelets on each end. The In-line Sinker Mold Series allows for (optional) swivels to be added at either end to improve performance. Size numbers are molded on castings. Molds require brass wire eye inserts or swivels.

2572403138 DO IT-3138-IN-LINE SINKER MOLD - 1/2_3/4_1_1 1/2oz-1ea 39.00


2572403139 DO IT-3139-IN LINE SINKER MOLD - 2_3_4oz-1ea 39.00


2572403334 DO IT-3334-IN LINE SINKER MOLD - 3_4_5oz-1ea 39.00




TROLLING SINKER - CRANE SWIVELS A crane swivel molded in at each end of this streamlined in-line type sinker eliminates twisted or kinked lines. Sinkers molded with swivels can be made much faster than those using brass wire eyes. Molds require crane swivel inserts.

2572403150 DO IT-3150-TROLLING SINKER MOLD - 3/4_1_1 1/2_2oz-1ea-#7 CRANE Swivels 39.00




PYRAMID SINKERS The Pyramid Sinker is popular when fishing in areas with strong currents. On soft bottoms the pyramid tends to bury itself and on hard bottoms the flat sides of the sinker will prevent it from rolling with the current. Molds require brass wire eye inserts.

2572403168 DO IT-3168-PYRAMID SINKER MOLD - 3oz-3ea 39.00


2572403169 DO IT-3169-PYRAMID SINKER MOLD - 4oz-3ea 39.00


2572403165 DO IT-3165-PYRAMID SINKER MOLD - 1_1 1/2_2_2 1/2_3oz-1ea 39.00




ROUND FLAT SINKER WITH BRASS EYELETS These flat sinkers will not roll with the current. Molds require bras wire eye inserts.

2572403175 DO IT-3175-ROUND FLAT SINKER MOLD - 1 1/4_1 1/2_1 3/4_2oz-1ea 39.00



CANNON BALL SINKERS These round ball sinkers resemble small cannon balls in their larger sizes, hence the name Cannon Ball Sinker. Because of their dense round shape, Cannon Ball Sinkers drop faster and straighter than many other type sinkers. Molds require brass wire eye inserts.

2572403185 DO IT-3185-CANNON BALL SINKER MOLD- 1/2/3/4oz-1ea 39.00




Jig Molds

2572401001 DO IT-1001-ROUND JIG HEAD MOLD - 1/32_1/16_1/8_1/4_5/16_3/8_1/2


ROUND HEAD JIGS PRO-101 Series - 575-570 Hooks - No Collar Round Head Jig - All with No Collar, 570-575 Hooks and Standard Balance.



2572401003 DO IT-1003-ROUND JIG HEAD MOLD - 1/8_1/4oz-4ea


ROUND HEAD JIGS PRO-103 Series - 630-635 Hooks - Ball Collar Round Head Jig - All with Ball Collar, 630-635 Hooks and Standard Balance.



2572401004 DO IT-1004-ROUND JIG HEAD MOLD - 3/8_1/2oz-3ea

ROUND HEAD JIGS PRO-104 Series - 630-635 Hooks - Barb Collar Round Head Jig - All with Barb Collar, 630-635 Hooks and Standard Balance.



2572401242 DO IT-1242-ROUND HEAD JIG MOLD - 1/8oz-7 CAVITY


ROUND HEAD JIGS PRO-100 Series - 575-570 Hooks - Ball Collar Round Head Jig - All with Ball Collar, 570-575 Hooks and Standard Balance.




  The Round Head Jig is the most popular all-around head style used.  It has probably taken more variety of fish than any other lure. In addition to being a good casting jig and fairly rapid sink, Round Head Jigs are among the easiest to tie. These HEAVY HOOK jigs are made with heavy O'Shaughnessy style hooks. O'Shaughnessy style hooks are longer and stronger than Aberdeen styles used in our other Round Head Jig molds. The use of tinned finish styles Eagle Claw 630 and 635 hooks are the best choice for corrosion resistance in salt water applications. Round Head Jig with Barb Collar and Standard Balance.

2572401023 DO IT-1023-ROUND HEAD JIG HEAVY HOOK MOLD-1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2,5/8



2572401063 DO IT-1063-ROUND HEAD JIG HEAVY HOOK MOLD-4ea; 1/16 & 1/8 39.00


2572401024 DO IT-1024-ROUND HEAD JIG HEAVY HOOK MOLD-3x1/8 & 4x1/4   39.00


2572401025 DO IT-1025-ROUND HEAD JIG HEAVY HOOK MOLD-3x3/8 & 2x1/2   39.00


2572401055 DO IT-1055-BANANA JIG MOLD - 3/4 (1)   1 1/2 (2)


BANANA JIG - 60 degree Hooks - Ball Collar The design configuration and placement of the hook eye allows the head to pull over branches, rocks and other snags. A forward center of weight gives the Banana Jig a nose diving action. This snag resistant lure is popular in both fresh and saltwater. Use style 410 or 413 hooks in Model JYS-1055L. Use hook style 34184 size 8/0 in Model JYS-3-X.



2572403328 DO IT-3328-SHAD HEAD JIG


SHAD HEAD JIG - 630-635 Hooks - Ring & Barb Collar This streamlined jig head is perfect for plastic shad bodies. The slim shape of the Shad Head Jig cuts water well and makes it a top choice for fishing areas with strong currents. Soft plastics are well secured to the "Ring & Barb" collar, but this jig can also be finished with tied material. Models SHB-5-A and SHB-3-L use style 630-635 hooks. Model SHB-2-43 requires style 91715 size 8/0 and 9/0 hooks.



2572403329 DO IT - 3329 - Shad Head Jig

3oz8/0 & 4oz9/0 Requires style 91715 size 8/0 and 9/0 hooks








These brass wire eyes are for sinkers, the "perfect match" for use in Do-It Sinker Molds such as the Cannon Ball, Crescent, In-Line, Pyramid, River and Round Flat Sinker molds. Brass eyes reduce line abrasion and make it easy to attach the sinker to a snap or snap swivel.  The Brass wire eyes are available in small gauge or medium gauge in either 100ct packages or 1 lb bulk pack.

2572402310 DO IT-2310-BRASS WIRE EYES - SIZE #1-100pk-SMALL 2.19


2572402311 DO IT-2311-BRASS WIRE EYES - SIZE #1 - 1lb Bulk Pack - SMALL 11.19


2572402312 DO IT-2312-BRASS WIRE EYES - SIZE #2-100pk-MEDIUM 2.99


2572402313 DO IT-2313-BRASS WIRE EYES - SIZE #2-1lb Bulk Pack - MEDIUM 10.49



Jig Head Paints - Vinyl Paints by Component SystemsJig Head Paint - Vinyl Paint


  The toughest finish ever put on a lure! Currently being used by fishermen as well as manufacturers around the world. Due to its flexibility after drying, it can withstand anything you throw it at. Vinyl Paint can be brushed, dipped, or sprayed. It is available in the industry standard fluorescent colors as well as others.


2302503127 COMP SYS-COM101-VINYL FINISH - 1oz-WHITE 5.49






2302503119 COMP SYS-COM106-VINYL FINISH - 1oz-HOT PINK 5.49


2302503113 COMP SYS-COM107-VINYL FINISH - 1oz-FLAME RED 5.49


2302503129 COMP SYS-COM108-VINYL FINISH - 1oz-WHITE PEARL 5.49


2302503131 COMP SYS-COM113-VINYL FINISH - 1oz-YELLOW 5.49




Jig Head Paints - Powder Paints by Component System

Jig Head Paint - Powder Paint

   Powder Paints were designed with ease of use in mind. You can now create beautiful, high-gloss, fluorescent lures quickly and easily. Simply heat the lure and swish it through the powder. It will amaze you as it glosses over before your eyes! When cool, it is ready to be tied. For a finish that's five times as tough, simply cure the painted lure by baking it in an oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees F. Component Systems Powder Paint is a great product that is simple to use, Super high gloss, one coat coverage with out need for primer, no dry time, non-flammable and environmentally safe, will not dry out, no mixing or settling, no odor, and easy cleanup. You can't go wrong!

2302500601 COMP SYS-COM201-POWDER PAINT - 2oz-WHITE 8.99






2302500605 COMP SYS-COM205-POWDER PAINT - 2oz-BLACK 8.99


2302500306 COMP SYS-COM206-POWDER PAINT - 2oz-HOT PINK 8.99


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