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Braid Logo

Braid Fish Fighting Belts & Harnesses

 When experienced anglers talk fish fighting stand-up belts and harnesses, they talk Braid Products! As a Braid Pro Shop, Fisherman's Headquarters offers a full line of Braid Belts and Braid Harnesses for all class tackle, which are listed below. All Braid Products are top of the line quality!  Braid Products are made of the highest quality components to stand the rigors of true big game fish. Braid belts are design to ensure performance and durability when the line is screaming off your reel.

Braid Belts                    Braid Harnesses

Braid Fishing Products

Braid Reel Rest - RR100

Braid Reel Rest

 The Braid Reel Rest is a key accessory for spin anglers who target big game. The Braid Reel Rest is a simplistic "strap" which provides reel lugs so that harness straps can be connected to either a spinning reel outfit or any small conventional rod and reel (which don't have lugs). The only way to hook up a harness and kidney belt with a spin outfit.  Made of heavy duty nylon strapping and two stainless "D" rings. The Reel Rest has changed the way spin anglers fight big game by reducing arm fatigue.

02636219100 BRAID-RR100-REEL REST 11.99

Braid Drop Straps - 30150

Braid Drop Straps

 The Braid Drop Straps are a key add-on accessory that allows you to lower the rod belt to reach higher on the rod fore grip. The drop straps allow you increased the pressure on a big fish, but reduces the strain on an anglers arms and legs. These drop straps link the rod belt and harness into a single fish-fighting system.

2636230150 BRAID-30150-DROP STRAPS - 2pk 25.99

Braid Belts

Braid Manta Belt - 30101

Braid Manta Belt

 The Braid Manta Belt is excellent for use with 30-50 pound test lines. The unique contoured back features non-slip rubber padding and is designed to fit the groin area when the angler is seated, a Braid exclusive. The Braid Manta Belt has a gimbal pin. 




Braid Dolphin Belt - 30170

Braid Dolphin Belt

 The Braid Dolphin Belt is a small, lightweight and comfortable fighting belt.  Its padded back has a non-skid back so it stays in place.  The V-shape design accepts the rod butt quickly.  Spinning and fly anglers love this belt! It is available with or without gimbal pin.

2636230170 BRAID-30170-DOLPHIN BELT - W/O GIMBAL PIN 32.99

2636230171 BRAID-30171-DOLPHIN BELT - W/ GIMBAL PIN 39.99

Braid Sailfish Belt - 30175

Braid Sailfish Belt

 The Braid Sailfish Belt is an excellent choice for 20-40 lb tackle or even a bit heavier. This gimbal equipped belt rides low and spreads the force of the fight over air-cushioned padding. Built to Braid's high standards, this belt is perfect for all day use.

2636230175 BRAID-30175-SAILFISH BELT 59.99

Braid Pro Manta Belt - 30200

Braid Pro Manta Belt

 The Braid Pro Manta Belt is our most popular seller for medium sized tackle in the 30-60 lb range. It is ready for up to 30 lbs of drag pressure. Gimbal pin, non-skid backing and Velcro waist strap for easy adjustment. Drop straps optional. Works great with Braid Fighting Harness. #30200

2636230200 BRAID-30200-PRO MANTA BELT 109.99


Braid Baja Belt - 30250

Braid Baja Belt

 The Braid Baja Belt is designed to meet the needs of the novice while bringing a modified design to the seasoned angler in our successful Pro Manta style belt. The Baja Belt features a molded receiver cup that has a horizontally elongated configuration to allow slight left and right directional changes.  It also has a hinge/ pivot design with a gimbal pin for pumping the fish. Also included is a Braid Pliers Sheath and adjustable 2" nylon waist strap. Rated for line class up to 60 lbs.


Braid Tuna Belt - 30300

Braid Tuna Belt

 The Braid Tuna Belt is ready for up to 40 pounds of drag pressure with this gear to fish 50-80 pound tackle easily. Space-age plastic composites and a wide one piece pad to spread out the forces, make Braid's Tuna Belt one of our most popular selling belts.  Receiver accepts gimbal rod butt. The Braid Tuna Belt matches up with #30800, #30750 or #30950 harnesses.

2636230300 BRAID-30300-TUNA BELT 139.99

Braid Tuna Power Play Belt - 30350

Braid Tuna Belt

 The Braid Tuna Power Play Rod Belt - Built to match up to 130 pound tackle so you can apply up to 50 pounds of drag with this belt. The wide design model has separate, contoured padding to fit each thigh without slipping. All belts feature easy adjustable side straps with space aged materials that will last a lifetime. The Braid "v"shaped design draws the rod butt right to the fighting position, gimbal or uni-butt. Molded receivers on the front of the belt hold pliers or cutters (not included). Use with Braid #30800 harness

2636230350 BRAID-30350-TUNA POWER PLAY BELT 159.99

Braid Brute Buster Belt - 30900

Braid Brute Buster Belt

 The Braid Brute Buster Belt is recommended for 50-100 pound line class. Comfortable and extremely durable with a adjustable belt ranging from 26 to 56 inches, this wide profile belt is designed to be worn low across the upper thighs for increased leverage. The Brute Buster gimbal belt is backed by air-filled foam and features a non-skid surface. Safety release clips and adjustable strap attach to heavy duty stainless steel rings molded into each side of the belt. Recommended harness are the Brute Buster Harnesses (bottom of list below).

2636230900 BRAID-30900-BRUTE BUSTER BELT 114.99

Braid Harnesses

Braid Fighting Harness - 30500

Braid Fighting Harness

 The Braid Fighting Harness is what you need for fighting mid-size game fish on 30-60 pound tackle. Quality built, back and kidney support helps you on top of the big fish and stainless steel "D" rings accommodate drop straps for attaching to Braid belts such as the Manta and Manta Pro. The Braid Fighting Harness come in two sizes #30500 waist 36-56 and # 30550 waist 28-34.

2636230500 BRAID-30500-PRO MANTA HARNESS (36-56" waist) 119.99

2636230550 BRAID-30550-PRO MANTA HARNESS (28-34" waist) 119.99

Braid Marlin Harness - 30700

Braid Marlin Harness

 The Braid Marlin Harness is a lightweight, padded and fully adjustable lower back harness that keeps you in the game and is fully adjustable. Quick snap fitting with cinch and finger release waist strap gives you a custom fit and stainless steel "D" rings accommodate drop straps for attaching Braid Fighting Belts.

2636230700 BRAID-30700-MARLIN HARNESS 99.99

Braid Bluefin Harness - 30750

Braid Blue-fin Harness

 The Braid Blue-Fin Harness, rated for 60-80 pound tackle, is the ultimate in stand-up back support. The kind you need going toe to toe with heavyweights and heavy tackle.  It is also ideal for use when fighting in the chair. The Braid Blue-fin Harness matches up with Braid Belts Model #30300 and #30900. This belt also accommodates drop straps too.

2636230750 BRAID-30750-BLUEFIN HARNESS 164.99

Braid Power Play Herness - 30800

Braid Power Play Harness

 The Braid Power Play Harness is the ultimate in stand up gear for huge fish and 80-130 pound tackle. Made of the finest materials available today, the Power Play gives back support and bucket configuration to win the tough stand up battles. Full range adjustment side straps and stainless steel "D" rings are just part of the Braid Products Advantages. Designed to put maximum amount of pressure on giant fish. Optional drop straps increase leverage. An excellent combination with Braid Fighting Belts Model #30350 or #30900.

2636230800 BRAID-30800-POWER PLAY HARNESS 219.99

Braid Brute Buster Harness - 30950

Braid Brute Buster Harness

 The Braid Brute Buster Harness is the sit down bucket harness that set the standard for performance and acceptance of the bucket harness technique.  The Brute Buster Harness provides a wide support area to reduces strain on back. This belt is easily adjusted on each side.  Welded stainless steel "D" rings attached to harness to accommodate drop straps. Handy pliers sheath attached. One of the two sizes will accommodate any angler; the Brute Buster Harness Standard size fits 20 to 36 inch waist and the Brute Buster Harness Large size fits 36 to 56 inch waist.  Built for use with Braid Fighting Belt Model #30900.


2636230975 BRAID-30975-BRUTE BUSTER HARNESS - LARGE 139.99


Fishermans Headquarters is a Braid Products Pro Shop

- - Fisherman's Headquarters is an Authorized Braid Products Pro Shop! - -

  Choosing the right belt and harness for you can be a hard task especially with out the opportunity to try it on.  Don't worry, we are here to help. We have tried to put up as much information as possible on this web page describing each Braid Belt and Harness; however, if you have any questions feel free to email us.


  Fisherman’s Headquarters advises all stand-up anglers to be safe when fishing!


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