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Troll-master Logo - Aftermarket Downrigger Assesories for Penn Downriggers

Troll Master Downrigger Fishing System & Accessories

Troll-Master is a USA based (Tampa, FL) company who specializes in the design and manufacturing of quality downriggers as well as downrigger parts and related accessories. Troll Master offers anglers high quality functional products, all of them are backed with a 10 year manufacturers warranty; no conditions, no fine print, no limitations. Troll-master stands behind their products.


Troll-Master Seahorse Downrigger Fishing System (AR-2000)

Troll Master Seahorse Downrigger

The Seahorse downrigger system from Troll-Master is designed to make controlled depth trolling easy. It enables fisherman to place bait or lures to the desired depth and maintain that depth while trolling. Seahorse downriggers are made following a proven design that have earned its reputation for solid, dependable performance in both fresh and salt water environments and is recognized by many anglers around the world.

Built with strong and corrosion resistant components, the Seahorse downrigger will serve a lifetime of deep water trolling in fresh and salt water. Offering a reliable performance for any game in varied waters, it is built to handle weather and elements. Designed for ease of use, the drag system allows for one hand operation when lowering or stopping the downrigger weight. The drag system lets cable pay out if the weight snags on the bottom, and for added safety, the crank handle does not turn while the weight descends. Precise depth meter mechanism allows anglers to return to the specific depth where the fish have been caught. Backed by Troll-Master’s 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, the Seahorse Downrigger is an ideal system for deep-water trolling.

The Seahorse System can be configured as you like. Start with the Basic AR-2000 24-inch Boom Seahorse Downrigger which includes 200-feet of 140-lb Stainless Steel Cable, a Cable Terminator Swivel-Snap, a PR-1001 Fixed Mounting Base with Standard Mounting Hardware; 1-1/4” screws, washers and nuts for installation through any surface not exceeding ¼” in thickness. Sorry, there is no trolling weight included.


Troll Master Seahorse Downrigger
869621000109 T-M AR2000 Downrigger Basic Unit w/ 24 inch Boom + Fixed Base 279.99


Below are add on options for the Basic AR-2000 Seahorse Downrigger. Consider the following:

Downrigger Base and Mounts
bulletOptional AR-1021 Adjustable Swivel Base that rotates a complete 360° circle of rotation and locks in 36 different positions allowing you to pick virtually any angle for your downrigger. This feature provides effortless re-positioning of the downrigger boom inboard for rigging, docking or towing.
bulletOptional PR-1030 Gimbal “Quick Mount” Adapter is designed for instant mounting of your downriggers using your boat’s existing flush mount rod holders. Gimbal mount adapter provides anglers with a great alternative to the conventional bolt-through mounting solutions. This option works for anglers who employs downriggers occasionally or seasonally and would like a quick installation / removal option without any permanent attachments such as mounting plates. It will convert in-gunnel or transom mounted rod holder into a downrigger attachment point quickly and easily. Measuring 9-1/2” long with a 1-1/2” outside diameter, the adapter is a convenient and sturdy solution manufactured for a precision fit into standard size of the most common flush mount rod holders. It is manufactured out of marine grade aluminum that has been black anodized finish. This mount works with Seahorse® AR-2000, Penn® 600 series and Cannon® downrigger mounting patterns.
Downrigger Boom Extension
bulletOptional AR-1080 Boom Extension Kit enables the standard 24” boom to become a 46” boom. Extending the length of the boom of your downrigger will result in advantages. Ensure greater clearance between the vessel and the trolling gear. Increase area coverage when used off the side of the boat (like an outrigger). When fishing with multiple downriggers it easier to manage operations. Greater distance between lines allows for better boat maneuverability with less chance of line tangles.
Downrigger Mounting Hardware
bulletOptional KN-4005 DEEP REACH Base Plate Mounting Hardware Kit with 2-1/2” oval head screws is used to install the PR-1001 Fixed Base Plate through any surface not exceeding 1-1/2” inch in thickness.
bulletOptional KN-4006 DEEP REACH Swivel Base Mounting Hardware Kit with 2-1/2” flat (pan head) screws is used to install the AR-1021 Adjustable Swivel Base through any surface not exceeding 1-1/2” inch in thickness.
Troll-Master Downrigger Release Clips
bulletThe hydrodynamic downrigger release clips design minimizes the turbulence allowing for natural bait / lure presentation. Although made specifically to be used with downriggers, these can be successfully used with Outriggers, Flat Lines and Kites.
Downrigger Weight
bulletThese Lead Downrigger weights are vinyl-coated to prevent scratching the boat. They feature two big strong eyes for easy attachment.
bulletThe Z-Wing is a lightweight alternative downrigger weight that operates on the principle of hydrodynamic depression, rather than weight.



For years Penn offered anglers reliable downriggers that performed great. These Fathom-Master Downriggers were made right quality materials so they were durable and dependable. Unfortunately Penn discontinued manufacturing and they are no longer available. Since then, anglers from all around scramble to find replacement parts. That is until Troll-Master step into the scene!


Offering a comparable (some call better) product Troll-Master continues the USA Made quality attitude, "Build it right the first time!"


Looking for a Penn Downrigger part? Troll-Master has you covered!




Downrigger Base Mounts & Hardware

Downrigger Boom Extension

Downrigger Cable

Downrigger Release Clips

Downrigger Weights






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