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Neoprene Wader & Wetsuit Repair

Neoprene waders and wetsuits wear out with use over time. There's no getting around it. Make sure you have the best neoprene wader and neoprene wetsuit repair product to fix yours right the first time.


Whether it is a worn out thin spot, a tear or a hole, AquaSeal and Seal Cement are great for wader and/or wetsuit repair.


AQUASEAL - Urethane Repair Sealant

The industry standard for maximum strength permanent repairs to neoprene waders, wet suits, dry suits and all watersports products. Creates ultra-tough, durable repairs with AquaSeal urethane repair adhesive sealant. This clear flexible formula waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion. Hundreds of watersports and household uses. Cure to full strength overnight. For fast cure, use with Cotol-240 Cure Accelerator (Listed Below). 3/4 oz Tube - Clear


02156310110 AQUASEAL 10110 WADER REPAIR - 3/4OZ TUBE 5.99


Cotol-240 Accelerator & Cleaner

Cotol-240 Cleaner & Cure Accelerator is a urethane cure accelerator and pre-cleaner to be used in conjunction with Aquaseal. The solvent cleans and prepares the surface, readying it for Aquaseal. It also speeds the tack time to 15 minutes and the full cure time to less than two hours. Cotol-240 is also ideal for removing tar, sap, glue and other resins from various surfaces including glass, plastic and metal. 1/2 oz Jar

* Please Note that Cotol-240 is not an accelerator for Seal Cement listed below. It should only be used as a neoprene cleaner and/or an accelerator for Aquaseal.

02156312012 AQUASEAL 12012 COTOL-240 - 1/2OZ JAR 5.69

Seal Cement - Neoprene Contact Cement

Seal Cement is a specially formulated neoprene-based contact cement that is great for rapid tack and bonding. Seal Cement cures to full strength in only 15-30 minutes and creates a strong, durable and very flexible bond. Seal Cement quickly repairs and/or seals neoprene in wet suits, dry suits and waders, boots, gloves, fishing waders, orthopedic supports, inflatable toys and hundreds of other rubber articles. It waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion. Seal Cement works great for quick repair especially those in the field. Precision applicator tip - 2 oz Tube - Black





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