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Fishing Line & Leader

Here at Fisherman's Headquarters, we stock a variety of fishing line from light tackle fishing line to big game fishing line. We sell a variety of nylon monofilament fishing line, co-polomer fishing lines, fluorocarbon leader line and braided fishing lines from the top names in the industry including AFW, Andy, Berkley, Cortland, Jinkai, Hi-Seas, Momoi, Power Pro, Stren, Seaguar, Suffix and Triple Fish among others.

We only carry premium fishing lines that we fish and classify as the best in terms of quality and performance. There are many brands of fishing lines that come in a different classes (pound test rating), lengths and color. When buying new fishing line one must look for the required length needed and the correct breaking strength line class for the fishing application. Color should also be considered as well as particular line characteristics such as absolute breaking strength, knot strength, castability, stretch, memory, abrasion resistance and visibility. A supple strong line that ties good and has resistance to abrasions is paramount. Some lines offer great abrasion resistant but are too stiff; therefore, lacking a supple feel and knot strength. On the other hand some lines are too supple with too much stretch, memory and poor abrasion resistance. Anglers search for the happy medium in their line of choice and we have them listed here. Only the best fishing lines which we fish. Enjoy!


Cortland Dacron Line:

Cortland Dacron

Cortland Micron Fly Line Backing


Monofilament Line:



Ande Backcountry

Ande Premium



Berkley Big Game

Berkley Trilene XL


Diamond Line

Diamond Fishing Line


Hi Seas

Hi Seas Quattro



Jinkai IGFA Monofilament Line


Momoi Fishing Line



Stren Original


OutRigger Line:

Outrigger Mono

Braid Line/Super Lines
Berkley Fireline

Cortland C16 Hollow Core Super Braid

Jerry Brown Line One Hollow Core - Call

Momoi Diamond Braid - Call


Power Pro Spectra


Spiderwire Ultra-Cast Invisi-Braid


Spiderwire Stealth Braid



Wire Line & Lead Core Line

Monel Wire Line

Stainless Steel Wire Line

Mason Lead Core Line - Call

Suffix Marked Lead Core - Call

Leaders - Material Leaders:

Ande Premium Leader Material

Momoi Leader Spools

Jinkai Leader Coils
Triplefish Leader Line: Clear, Camo Fluoro

Trik Fish Leader Line: Clear, Camo, Fluoro


Fluorocarbon Leaders:

Diamond Fluorocarbon Leader

Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leader

Triplefish Fluorocarbon Leader


Wind On Leaders:

Diamond Wind On Leaders

Shimano Wind On Leaders


Wire Leaders:

AFW Single Strand Brown Wire

AFW 49 Strand Stainless Cable

AFW Bleeding Wire Leaders

Berkley Steelon Leaders

Malin BOA NoKink Titanium Leader

Wire leaders with snaps

Momoi Fishing Line

Momoi Fishing Line Spools

Momoi Fishing Line



Seaguar Fluorocarbon

Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leader Line


Seaguar Fluoro Leader



Power Pro Line


Power Pro Braided Line


Power Pro Line



Triple Fish Leader

Triple Fish Leader Line


Triplefish Leader Line










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