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Fishing Gloves

Fishing Gloves

Penn T-Shirts

Penn Sailfish Tshirt

Aftco Fishing Shorts

Aftco Fishing Shorts


St. Croix Fishing Rods Hat



  Grundens Foul Weather Gear, Heavy Duty Rainwear, Work Gear


Grundens Weather Gear - Quality Foul Weather Gear Since 1926

  Since 1926 Grundens has produced the very best foul weather gear. Grundens manufactures using the highest quality materials and workmanship to stand up to the world's extremely severe weather.  Grundens is the leading choice of raingear for outdoor industrial professionals such as the Marine Industry, Commercial Fishing, Building and Road Construction, Timber Harvest, Agriculture, Mining, Shipyards, Forestry and Utilities.

  Guy Cotten Gear - Foul Weather Gear

Guy Cotten Foul Weather Gear


Guy Cotten Gear

  For over 30 years, Guy Cotten has been making foul weather gear and high-quality marine clothing. Guy Cotten offers a complete line of yachting wear, leisure wear, fleece clothing, safety equipment, and commercial fishing clothing.

  Stormr Surf Top

Stormr Surf Top


Stormr Surf Top Pullover

  Designed specifically for surfcasting, the STORMR Surf Top is the most comfortable Semi-Dry top on the market. The Stormr Surf Top is made from high-stretch windproof and waterproof neoprene material. This neoprene surf top has incredible flexibility, it is super warm and it provides flotation. The exterior shell beads water on impact while the interior moisture-wicking fleece keeps you warm.


  Lamiglas Surf TopLamiglas Dry Top

Lamiglas Dry Top Pullover Surf Top

  Finally, a surf top specially designed with the core surf caster in mind. Stay warm and dry while still remain flexible plugging.


  Frogg Toggs

Frogg Toggs Outerwear - Rain or Shine.. We've Got You Covered!

  100% Waterproof, 100%Windproof, and breathable. They great for outdoors, sports spectators, or anyone looking for comfortable protection from the elements.  Eliminate wind chill, but allow body heat to escape leaving you cool, dry, and comfortable.




Deck Boots from Servus, Viking & XtraTuf

Viking BootsViking Boots - Gator Insulated & Kadett Polyester Lined Deck Boots

  All Viking boots are hand-made from the sole up using layer upon layer of soft natural rubber for long lasting comfort and durability.  All Viking boots are mild acid, alkaline, UV ray, and salt water resistant with oil resistant soles. Orthopedic design instep provides maximum comfort even when worn all day.



XtraTuf Boots - Neoprene Insulated Deck Boots

  XtraTuf Boots are made in the USA for the most severe fishing and work conditions! These boots feature a hand-layered, triple-dipped, seamless construction that makes these boots 100% waterproof and extra tough. The rubber is softer, lighter, and far more pliable than other boots out there.


Servus Boots 


Servus Boots - PVC Deck Boots

 These boots are very durable and constructed for use on a slippery surface.  Servus boots are made with good grip for rough conditions.


Korkers Logo   Korkers Overshoe Cleats aka Creepers

  Korkers brand cleat sandals give the fisherman who navigates slippery terrain in order to reach his honey hole the assurance of sure footing. Featuring tungsten carbide spikes, Korkers are built to last and provide excellent grip for those jumping on jetty rocks and navigating mossy rock laden streams.


Breathable Fishing GlovesWaterproof Fishing Gloves


  Fishing Gloves

Quality Fishing Gloves from top name manufactures like Ansell, Atlas, Showa Best and Nitro-Force. Keep your hands warm, dry and protected from the elements with quality waterproof gloves.

  Glacier Glove

Sun Gloves, Fleece Gloves & Neoprene Gloves

Waders & Accessories


We stock Proline Waders - Please call to order.


Wader Repair - AquaSeal, Seal Cement, Tear-Aid










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