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Master Angler Series

Fishing Books

  Here at Fisherman's Headquarters we stock a variety of fishing books for all angling abilities, beginner to advanced.  Some of the fishing books listed below are about fishing tactics or fishing techniques and others are "how-to" fishing books.  You will also find fishing books listed that are species specific and others that are targeted at specific locations such as fishing Barnegat Bay or the surf.  If you are looking for a large selection of salt water fishing books you have found the right place.  We specialize in Striped Bass fishing books.

- Knot Books - Fly Tying/Fishing Books - Master Angler Series by The Fisherman Magazine -



Striper Pursuit: Surf Fishing - Beyond the Basics

Striper Pursuit: Surf Fishing - Beyond the Basics
  by John Skinner

   From the quiet back bays to the pounding surf, fishing writer and videographer, John Skinner, takes the reader along on a relentless pursuit of striped bass from the shore. With his trademark writing style that makes readers feel as though they’re standing at the water’s edge, Skinner cuts through the complexity of choosing and presenting the various lure styles while processing the interaction of weather and water conditions that impact baitfish movements and game fish behavior. In portions of the book focused on hunting the largest stripers, Skinner goes beyond the artificials arsenal to take an in-depth look at fishing with live and rigged eels. Chapters are dedicated to fluke and false albacore fishing as well. The book is enhanced by videos on this companion website, StriperPursuit.com. Additional relevant videos will be added as they are produced. Subscribe to the John Skinner Fishing YouTube Channel to be notified of additions.

2014, Paperback 9 x 6"     $18.95


The Hunt For Big Stripers

The Hunt for Big Stripers: Surfcasting Strategies of the Experts
  by Zeno Hromin

   The Hunt for Big Stripers has chapters from some of the most successful surfcasters that walk the beaches today like; "Crazy" Alberto Knie, John Skinner, Steve McKenna, Bill Wetzel, William "Doc" Muller, Manny Moreno and Jimmy D'Amico all with stories centered to shores of Montauk.  Zeno puts the reader in touch with expert surf fishermen who share with the reader methods of fishing that you may know little or nothing about. These experts share methods and techniques that some of you have only heard of and did not know how to pursue. In this book, Zeno Hromin brings us to the next step, challenges us to join the hunt for big stripers and helps you put that “bass of your dreams” on the sand.

2008, Paperback - 219 pages, 9 x 6"     $19.95


Art of Surfcasting with Lures

The Art of Surfcasting with Lures
  by Zeno Hromin

   If you ever want to learn how to use lures with consistent success or if you are a veteran angler who is looking to gain an edge on your fishing buddies, this book will provide you with information to do both. In more detail then ever before found in one publication, veteran surfcaster Zeno Hromin covers every type of situation surfcasters might find themselves in and presents the best strategies to succeed. This book leaves no stone unturned. The first half of the book is loaded with information on gear, structure, tide, winds and moon periods. Additional chapters cover baitfish profiles, fishing strategies and what goes into a surfcaster’s decision making process when selecting a lure and presenting it. In the second half of the book, each of today’s most popular lures is discussed in detail with tips on colors, sizes, retrieves and on modifications to increase their effectiveness. Toward the end of the book you will find chapters on conservation and fishing with kids, two things the author holds in high regard. All throughout the book there are personal stories of Zeno's experiences in the surf with colorful tales of success and failure all which will hopefully enlighten, entertain and educate you.

2007, Paperback - 223 pages, 9 x 6"     $17.95

Fishing The Bucktail by John Skinner

Fishing the Bucktail: Mastering Bucktails from Surf and Boat
  by John Skinner

Bucktail jigs are often called the world’s most versatile lures because they’ll catch almost any species of fish and work under a wide variety of conditions. In what is unquestionably the most comprehensive book on bucktailing ever written, expert angler and fishing writer John Skinner brings the reader along on an in-depth look at bucktail techniques and strategies in a variety of settings from surf, boat, and kayak. Ocean beaches, deep rips, shallow inshore waters, and rocky shorelines are among the environments explored in pursuit of striped bass, bluefish, and fluke. Chapters on bucktail jig composition and construction will enable readers to choose, build, and customize jigs for their specific applications. This book is a must read for all anglers who want to take their fishing to the next level.

2011, Paperback - 125 pages, 9 x 6"     $17.95

Surfcaster: The Ultimate Surf Fishing Guide

Surfcaster: The Ultimate Surf Fishing Guide
  by William A. "Doc" Muller

Surfcaster, The Ultimate Surf Fishing Guide is William A. "Doc" Muller most comprehensive surf fishing book to date. The book begins with the history of the sport from the mid 1800s right up to the new millennium, gets the beginner started with a few nitty-gritty down-to-earth chapters on how to get started complete with tackle suggestions and estimated costs. But that's just the beginning. Other chapters discuss understanding different beach venues from the ocean to the bays, casting and retrieving techniques, knots and leaders, six detailed chapters on lures that catch fish, catch and release, four wheel drive vehicles, bait fishing techniques, the pros and cons of joining a surf club, and setting up a productive strategy for consistent success. According to Fred Golofaro, Senior Editor, The Fisherman Magazine, " He leaves no stones unturned... a total treatise on the use of every type of lure that belongs in the surf bag." Zeno Hromin, Editor-In-Chief of the Surfcaster's Journal Magazine says, "I was mesmerized by it...and I highly recommend it."

2011, Paperback - 204 pages, 9 x 6"     $19.95


Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night

Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night (Updated Edition)
  by William A. "Doc" Muller

   The first book about night surf fishing, and only book devoted exclusively to night surf fishing, is back! This updated edition includes new information, new photos, and discussions about new products. However, we did not throw out the information that was so unique to this book, such as Al Bentsen's chapters on rigging and using rigged eels, Fred Golofaro's chapter on how to fish with live eels, Roger Martin's insight into how to handle night surf fishing safely, and of course, lots of updated chapters by William "Doc" Muller. Other chapters dig into bait fishing, how to present artificial lures: both large and small, and fishing patterns that can guide an angler to more consistent catches.

2010, Paperback - 143 pages, 9 x 6"     $17.95


The Complete Guide to Surfcasting

The Complete Guide to Surfcasting
  by Joe Cermele

   A truly complete guide to this most popular form of saltwater fishing, covering tackle, technique, equipment, species, baits & lures and much more, covering all US coasts.

"This book is the most up-to-date and thorough treatise on the subject of surf fishing to be found anywhere. Cermele's exhaustive examination of what goes into becoming a successful surf fisherman, and why it's so compelling, make fascinating reading." -- John Brownlee, Editor in Chief, Salt Water Sportsman Magazine

"Cermele has written a guide that is comprehensive, clear, and a lot of fun to read. I know I'll return to this book again and again every fishing season." -- Anthony Licata Editor, Field & Stream

2011, Paperback - 288 pages, 9 x 7"     $19.95


Striper Strategies: Surfcasting Methods for Catching Striped Bass
  by DJ Muller

   Striper Strategies: Surfcasting Methods for Catching Striped Bass book presents methods for catching striped bass. All of them effective, yet differing widely in their technique and the approach used by the fisherman. The author DJ Muller details how best to fish sub-surface lures, soft baits, surface lures (such as swimmers and poppers), casting metal lures, raking crabs, fishing clams, chunking, live-lining herring, bunker and mullet, fishing eels, and snag-and-drop fishing with bunker. Also discussed is tackle and rigging best suited to each form of fishing. Any striped-bass angler, beginner to advanced, will benefit from the cutting-edge advice in this book.

2008, Paperback - 192 pages, 9 x 6"     $16.95


The Surfcaster's Guide to the Striper Coast
  by DJ Muller

   Here in a single book is everything the surfcaster needs to know to catch striped bass consistently on the "striper coast" from the Outer Banks to Maine. Veteran surf fisherman D. J. Muller thoroughly describes the life and habits of bass and how this knowledge can be used to increase angling success. He details where to find stripers on the beach, in rivers and canals, bays and backwaters, and how to read these waters to find fish. Tackle and technique for nearly every possible fishing situation is covered in depth. Chapters on driving and outfitting the beach buggy, surfcasting etiquette, the traveling surfcaster, physical fitness for tough fishing conditions, and specifics on Striper Coast hot spots will make this revolutionary book the go-to reference for veteran and beginning surfcasters alike.

2007, Paperback - 224 pages, 9 x 6"     $16.95


Fishing with Bucktails
  by William A. "Doc" Muller

   Fishing With Bucktails is the "The Ultimate Guide to Fishing with Bucktails" from Boat, Surf, Light Tackle, Bays and Inlets.

  A comprehensive "How To" guide to fishing with Bucktails. The book focuses on demystifying fishing with Bucktails and takes the angler through the full spectrum of techniques from simple to advanced. Easy to read and chock full of great photographs. Learn how to become a Bucktailing master!

2005, Paperback - 130 pages, 9 x 6"     $14.95


A Season on the Edge
  by John Skinner

   A Season on the Edge : Stories From A Surfcaster’s Year", John Skinner chronicles a season of surfcasting from the shores of eastern Long Island.   Both entertaining and informative, A Season on the Edge is woven together from a collection of stories culled from the author’s detailed logs, and told in the order of a seasonal progression. These stories draw the reader into the experiences and the atmosphere of each trip, and are told with a level of detail that presents useful techniques and strategies that can be applied anywhere along the striper coast.

  A Season on the Edge contains valuable information for those interested in tackle and technique, as well as exciting firsthand accounts of the saltwater fishing experience that can be enjoyed by even the most accomplished anglers.

2008, Paperback - 219 pages, 8.5 x 5.5"     $16.95



Fishing Diamond Jigs & Bucktails
  by Tom Migdalski

   Fishing Diamond Jigs and Bucktails: How to Fish the World’s Most Versatile Saltwater Lures is a complete and fully illustrated guide on the diamond jig and bucktails. Expert angler Tom Migdalski details specific methods for catching striped bass, blues, cod, pollock, bonito, false albacore and many other game fish. Also covered are which tackle to use and how to rig and fish the wide array of diamond jigs and bucktails available to the saltwater angler. Tom Migdalski is a widely-published writer on saltwater fishing, writing for Salt Water Sportsman, The Fisherman, and many other publications.

2008, Paperback - 224 pages, 9 x 6"     $18.95



Fishing Soft Baits in Saltwater
  by Pete Barrett

   A Complete Guide to Rigs, Adaptation, Techniques, and More. This book is a complete and comprehensive guide to the newer concept of soft baits, soft plastic imitations that seem to out perform most other baits.  The past decade has seen a revolution in how saltwater fishermen pursue fish: using soft-plastic imitations that out-fish traditional lures and baits. Fishing this new style of lure takes knowledge and skill to do it right, which Pete Barrett provides in abundance in FISHING SOFT BAITS IN SALTWATER. Learn the secrets of trolling, jigging, drifting and casting soft baits for all types of fish, plus rigging techniques, adding colors, skirts, eyes and hooks, rigging plastic bucktails, tube rigs, shrimp, Slug-Go’s, shads, offshore techniques, and much more. Chapters on tackle and tips and tricks for the soft-bait angler round out this excellent and practical guide. Consider this book essential for any aspiring soft bait fisherman.

2008, Paperback - 160 pages, 9 x 6"     $16.95


The Complete Kayak Fisherman
  by Ric Burnley

   A revolutionary new technique has already begun to have an influence on anglers everywhere: Kayak Fishing.  Kayaks enable fishermen to go into virtually any fishing location in near-total silence, and to be completely mobile and have all gear at hand. Previously unreachable waters are now able to be fished and the results are spectacular.

  Here is a thorough guide to this new breed of angling, for both fresh and saltwater fishermen. Choosing a kayak, outfitting the craft with rod-holders, electronics, storage, anchoring systems, and more, plus techniques for fighting fish from the kayak and full safety guidelines are all covered in this book.

2007, Paperback - 179 pages, 9 x 6"     $16.95


Trolling for Striped Bass and Bluefish
  by Pete Barrett

   A definitive guide for the boating angler on trolling for striped bass and bluefish. The two most sought-after species along the eastern seaboard. Pete Barrett covers outfitting the boat and the angler, selecting the most effective trolling lures, solving the tackle and technique challenges of trolling with monofilament, super braid, and wire lines, using downriggers, and much more.

  Pete Barrett is a highly regarded expert on saltwater fishing and operated the charter boat "Linda B" for 25 years. He has written over 900 feature stories for national and regional fishing publications, and retired as the executive editor of The Fisherman magazine.

2007, Paperback - 176 pages, 9 x 6"     $16.95


The New Jersey Boat Fisherman
  by Nick Honachefsky

   Fifty ocean hot spots off the New Jersey coast are the focus of this detailed guide for the boating angler. From Sandy Hook’s Raritan Bay to the waters of Delaware Bay off Cape May Point, New Jersey hosts some prime ocean-fishing opportunities, for striped bass, fluke, cod, sharks, tuna and many other species. Outdoor writer and lifetime angler Nick Honachefsky details the fishing opportunities at these locations, how to find them (with GPS and Loran specifics) and—most importantly—how they are fished. Drawing upon his own years of experience fishing coastal New Jersey waters and his extensive conversations with charter captains who routinely meet success at these hotspots. Nick Honachefsky fishes New Jersey waters from a boat most months of the year and writes for The Fisherman, Sport Fishing, ESPN, and other publications. He lives in Mantoloking, New Jersey.
   “Packed with tips, tricks and expert advice from local pro anglers and captains, this book unlocks the secrets of New Jersey’s 50 best saltwater fishing hotspots, and it will help you catch more fish.“ Pete Barrett, Editor, The Fisherman

2005, Paperback - 192 pages, 8 x 5.5"     $16.95


Fluke: An Angler’s Guide
  by Bob Sampson

  One of the Northeast’s best fishermen here offers a complete guide to catching a prized saltwater game fish, famous as great sport and great eating. This book covers tackle, technique, baits and lures for catching fluke in bays, from boats, and in the surf. Strategies and pro techniques are emphasized throughout.

  Bob Sampson is the author of Fishing the Connecticut and Rhode Island Coasts and writes for Outdoor Life, The Fisherman, On the Water and other publications.

2005, Paperback - 192 pages, 9 x 6"     $16.95


Saltwater Fishing- A Tactical Approach

Saltwater Fishing: A Tactical Approach
  by Jim Freda, Gene Quigley, Shell E. Caris

  The owners of New Jersey's famed Shore Catch Guide Service reveal the secrets that make them among the most successful charter captains in the area. Drawing on almost a century of combined saltwater fishing experience, the authors reveal the hard-earned techniques and tactics that will make any Northeast angler more successful - from the boat and from the beach or jetty, with spinning or conventional gear and with the fly rod.

  Some of the topics covered here include: Where, when and how to fish a jetty for maximum success, Spring, summer and fall boat-fishing tactics, Reading beach structure, Big-game fly fishing, Rigging natural baits for optimum presentation, Presentation theory: retrieve, color, and profile, Bay structure and how to fish it, Night fishing strategies acid techniques and many more.

2004, Paperback - 256 pages, 9 x 6"     $16.95

Barnegat Bay's Fisheries by Richard A. Henderson, Jr.

Barnegat Bay's Fisheries 2nd Edition
Richard A. Henderson, Jr.

This revised second edition has been expanded to provide a more detailed account of the exciting fishing and crabbing available at Barnegat Bay, arguably New Jersey's most popular saltwater body. Written by a local with over 25 years experience plying Barnegat Bay, Barnegat Bay's Fisheries is the how to, where to and when to of Barnegat Bay fishing and crabbing. The book covers: bluefish, fluke, striped bass, weakfish, tog, sea bass, winter flounder, blowfish, croaker, kingfish, porgy, Spanish mackerel, American eel, albacore, squid and blue claw crabs. This book contains plenty of photographs, maps and diagrams. A must for anyone who fishes or plans to fish Barnegat Bay!

2003, Paperback - 205 pages, 9 x 7"    


Eastern Tides: A Surfcaster's Life

Eastern Tides: A Surfcaster's Life
Frank Daignault

For every surfcaster who has felt the tug of striped bass on the line and on the heart, here is a memoir by a renowned striper fisherman. Here are stories of a life spent in pursuit of striped bass not only with rod and reel, but also with knowledge, wisdom, and even love. For the past forty years, Daignault has lived to fish and fished to live, and has produced a book filled with people, places and fish of a lifetime--a book to be read in oilskins and waders. Frank Daignault is the author of Twenty Years on the Cape, The Trophy Striper, and other books on striper fishing and has contributed to Salt Water Sportsman, Field & Stream and many other national and regional magazines.

2004, Paperback - 224 pages, 9 x 6"    


Fishing The Big Four
  by Milt Rosko

   The fish Atlantic coast fisherman are looking for, the "BIG FOUR": striped bass, weakfish, bluefish and fluke. Milt Rosko, a seasoned fisherman presents the tackle, techniques, lures, baits and strategies to be successful at catching all the big four, from the surf, in bays, and on ocean-going boats.
Beginning with practical discussions of the natural history and habits of these species, this book offers in-depth coverage of proven fish-catching methods. A host of highly effective rigs are all described and illustrated, as are useful fishing knots. Chapters on saltwater fly-fishing plus much more round out this essential guide for any saltwater fisherman.

2001, Paperback - 256 pages, 9 x 6"     $16.95   


Fishing The New Jersey Coast
  by Jim Freda

  Covering surf, bay, and near shore waters, Fishing the New Jersey Coast is an in-depth look at prime saltwater fishing locations for all seasons in the Garden State. Included also are tips on what lures, baits and techniques work best for stripers, blues, weakfish, false albacore, and fluke. The author is a local authority with deep- rooted knowledge of New Jersey's terrific saltwater fishing opportunities. Any angler from old pro to new comer, will find invaluable information in this handy guidebook.

2001, Paperback - 192 pages, 8 x 5.5"     $16.95



  by C. Boyd Pfeiffer

  The Complete Surfcaster has everything the beginning angler needs to know for more productive surf fishing-and even experienced surf fishermen will find an invaluable resource in this concise and authoritative book. Beginning with a thorough review of tackle, rigs, baits, lures, and accessories, The Complete Surf/caster teaches the fisherman better casting methods for distance and accuracy and "reading the surf" techniques for finding more fish. There is an invaluable chapter on driving and outfitting beach buggies, and a special table gives essential details on tackle, techniques, and strategies for catching blues, stripers, redfish, and other popular surf game fish on all coasts. The Complete Surf/caster will help put fish on the lines of surf fishermen everywhere. C. BOYD PFEIFFER is one of America's most knowledgeable fishermen. The author of countless articles in such magazines as Salt Water Sportsman, Outdoor Life, and more, his books include Tackle Care and The Practical Fisherman.

1996, Paperback - 208 pages, 9 x 7"     $14.95


The Field & Stream: Baits and Rigs Handbook
  by C. Boyd Pfeiffer

   The Field & Stream Handbooks will not only help you improve your skills as a sportsman, but will give you a greater appreciation of the outdoors. This book is devoted to rigging baits and lures for any fishing situation. It includes valuable tips on choosing hooks, sinkers, lines, and floats. Also covered are useful knots and splices, effective bait and lure rigs, freshwater and saltwater fishing tactics, and bait selection. Written by C. Boyd Pfeiffer, one of America's most widely published and respected fishing writers.

1999, Paperback - 128 pages, 9 x 6"     $9.95


The Complete Book of Tackle Making
  by Boyd C. Pfeiffer

   The Complete Book of Tackle Making is the reference of choice for builders of fine tackle and casual craftsmen alike. Twenty-seven chapters and helpful appendixes include everything readers need to know about tools, spinners, bucktails, jigs, sinkers, plastic lures and plugs, wire leaders, painting and finishing methods, basic and advanced rod building, basic and decorative wraps, necessary knots and splices, tackle care and repair, suppliers and manufacturers, and much more. With over seven hundred photographs and clear, step-by-step instruction throughout, this is a book that can save fishermen thousands of dollars - an invaluable resource for any tackle tinkerer.

1999, Paperback - 560 pages, 11 x 8.5"     $19.95


The Field & Stream: Tackle Care and Repair Handbook
  by C. Boyd Pfeiffer

   This book is a comprehensive guide for the care of rods, reels, lures, lines, and accessories. The helpful step-by-step directions and illustrations show how to repair broken equipment, both in the field and at home. The book will teach how to, mend broken rods, check and lubricate important reel parts, fix irreplaceable lures, care for lines and other tackle and avoid common mistakes the ruin valuable equipment. All necessary tools are detailed in full. This handbook can pay for itself in equipment repaired and equipment that lasts longer, whether you fish once or one hundred times a year.

1999, Paperback - 128 pages, 9 x 6"     $9.95


Sport Fish of the Atlantic
  by Vic Dunaway

   Sport Fish of the Atlantic identifies the many popular residents of the coastal and inshore realm and goes on to deeper water where you may well encounter fabled giants such as the great white sharks, blue marlin, giant tuna, and billfish.

  What is the fish on the end of your line? Is it good to eat? What tackle should you use? How big do they get? Those are the key questions every angler asks. Now you have the answers in one compact volume written by an expert author and fisherman who learned during a half-century on the water. Each fish is shown on original illustrations painted for this book.

2001, Paperback - 272 pages, 5.5 x 8.25"     $16.95


The Trophy Striper
  by Frank Daignault

   A technical examination of what goes into the development, location, management, methods, conditions, mind and even luck as they play into the mix of contemporary striper fishing issues. This is an anecdotal accumulation of fascinating experiences which could only come from a fertile mind which had half a century of striper fishing. Moreover, it is historical, humorous, sensitive and ever striperphobic while it predicts monster linesides the likes of which few living memories have ever experienced. The 52 pictures -- mostly bigger bass than any we've ever seen -- will have most breathing heavy while Daignault's cult following will express no surprise. Jerry Gibbs, Fishing Editor of Outdoor Life, calls The Trophy Striper "the single best strategy for dealing with the new wave of stripers by a master who lived through the old glory days of monsters." Rip Cunningham, Editor in Chief of Salt Water Sportsman, says "You will not find any more or better information on how to find and land that illusive wall-hanger."

1999, Paperback - 192 pages 9 x 6"     $16.95


Striper Surf
  by Frank Daignault

   A how-to book for surfcasters Striper Surf is a compilation of information on striper fishing methods which include fishing with baits, plugging, rigging an eel, and fly fishing Four parts: "Locating Stripers -- Where and How"; "Surf Tackle and Equipment'; "Methods'; and "Striped Bass -- Trends, Traits and Behavior". This last section contains a 50 page section on the natural history of this most popular species. Comparisons of today's linesides with the so-called "good old days"; and a dreamy look at what has been experienced in the past with the truly huge -- some over 100 pounds -- moby stripers.

1996, Paperback - 272 pages 8.25 x 5.5"     $16.95


Striper Hot Spots (2nd Edition)
  by Frank Daignault

   This directory of traditional striper fishing locations runs south to north pinning down the author's "Striper Coast" for surf fishers who went to know more about where the best beach fishing can be found. Each spot is rated I to 5 fish like movies and restaurants. Specific directions on how to drive to each listed place am revealed. Spots winch are seasonally dependent have the best months listed. Methods, which are chosen by local tradition, where known, are exposed. And conditions winch make a hot spot a little better -- a favorable wind or tide -- are included. There is an interesting blurb on each location, some more complete than others. Most of the spots have a local shop, with phone number~ that you can call to inquire about the fishing. Those that don't offer an interesting and informative "tip" on surf fishing.

   You can almost tell where Daignault has fished himself by the vitality which comes through in his treatment. of the spot. The author relied upon trusted correspondents for many of the places, like Morris "Black Cloud" DeGenarro in New Jersey. Jack Bennet and John Chiola, even sent a runner to count all 121 jetties in the stretch from Manasquan to Long Branch. Connecticut officials largely compiled that state's park fishing because little else is accessible. The Block Island regular who revealed hot spots there has remained anonymous saying, "are you trying to get me killed?". The late Dr Robert Post of Reading the Water fame, wrote the entire section on Marthas Vineyard. Frank says that they quarreled over this because Post wanted all Vineyard spots to be 5 fish. Captain Ray DeCosta and Bill Pew composed all of Nantucket, Daignault key boarded it. This is not a curl up and read type of book like the author's others.

   Any surf fisher who is traveling to unfamiliar territory will find Hot Spots an invaluable reference with amazingly accurate details that can make the difference. First published by the Globe Pequot Press in '93 Hot Spots had two printings, was then revised in '96, and was printed twice. Seems to be a keeper.

1996, Paperback - 256 pages 8.5 x 5.5"     $14.95


Rigging Up Right To Catch More Saltwater Fish
  By Barney Rowe

   This is a very general how to, where to, and when to guide. Common knots you should know and how to tie them. What are some of the different types of basic swivels and sinkers. Outlines the basics techniques for surf, drifting, trolling, anchored, and fixed structure fishing. Tips for catching more fish. Basic equipment considerations. General tips for catching Bluefish, Striped Bass, Weakfish, Flounder, Drum, Grouper, King Mackerel, Sharks and more.  Soft Cover, 5-1/2” x 8-1/2”, 36 pages, $5.49



Catching More Flounder / Fluke
  by Barney Rowe

   Fluke (Summer Flounder) is the fishermen’s most popular inshore fish, in bays and sounds, along the entire Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. It’s also a favorite of ocean fishers too. Catching flounder requires more knowledge, skill and preparation than is needed to catch many other kinds of saltwater fish. The information in this book has been created by and gathered from many experts. Here’s knowledge that you would get from your local tackle shop (the best of all sources for fishing information). Keep this guide with your fishing gear; it’s like having your local tackle shop expert right on the boat with you! It will help you catch more fluke (summer flounder).  Soft Cover, 5-1/2” x 8-1/2”, 32 pages, $5.49




Surf Fishing: Catching Fish From The Beach
  by Joe Malat

   Describes the various fish caught in the surf. Where, when and how to fish the surf for Striped Bass, Bluefish, Flounder, Weakfish, Speckled Trout, Drum, Kingfish, Croakers, Spot, Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, and more. How to choose a location to start fishing from. Describes which rigs catch fish from the surf and basic tackle and bait to use. Basic knots are described and how to tie them. Landing fish and releasing for better future fishing. Plus more... soft cover 5-1/2” x 8-1/2” 40 pages, $4.99




   Fishing Knot Books


The Really Useful Little Book of Knots

The Really Useful Little Book of Knots
  by Peter Owen

How to tie and use twenty useful and practical knots for everyday use at work, home, sport or play. Unencumbered by knot-tying jargon or technical terms, this book provides simple step-by-step instructions and outstandingly clear line drawings for the knots that can solve the day-to-day knot-needs of almost everyone. Knots include: Reef knot, Figure-eight loop, Sheet bend, Fisherman’s knot, Uni-knot, Bowline, Clove hitch, Waggoner’s hitch, Constrictor knot, and more . . . . Even how to tie a bow tie.





"A sure winner for fishermen." — The Fisherman Magazine

Whether fishing by boat, on a riverbank, or in the surf, here's the handy pocket guide that will unravel the mystery of tying the perfect fishing knot. Step-by-step line drawings deftly guide the fisherman through the 24 most useful knots used in all forms of fishing. Also covers loops, line splices, snells, leader attachments and much more.


Lay-flat, water- resistant binding 80 pages, Paperback 4 x 6 with over 100 line drawings. $9.95



The Complete Book Of Fishing Knots
  by Budworth, Geoffrey

  A thorough and easy-to-follow guide to eighty important knots used by the most successful fresh- and saltwater fishermen. All fishermen need to understand the best way to tie such knots as the Clinch, the Improved Clinch, the Blood Knot, the Albright Knot, the popular and reliable Surgeon's Knot, and such complex knots as the Bimini Twist. Here Budworth gives step-by-step instructions (accompanied by clear illustrations) for tying each knot correctly. This book is for the novice knot tier as well anyone wishing to expand their expertise.

Soft Cover, 7-1/2" x 10-1/2", 144 pages, $18.95


  by M. Sosin & L. Kreh

   "The longtime bible of knots and knot tying." That edition sold more than 125,000 copies in the twenty years it remained in print. New lines and leaders, new knots, and new nomenclature have finally required a completely new book-and this is the fully re-written and freshly illustrated successor, a book that all owners of the original Practical Fishing Knots will surely want. Graced with the exceptionally clear line illustrations by Rod Walinchus, made especially for this new edition, this book is a must for all fishermen-fresh and saltwater, fly, bait, and spinning-who want the clearest possible instructions on how to tie all the essential knots that hold.  Soft Cover, $12.95



The Field & Stream Fishing Knots Handbook
  by Peter Owen

   The Field & Stream Handbooks will not only help you improve your skills as a sportsman, but will give you a greater appreciation of the outdoors. This book covers the fresh and saltwater fishing knots that every angler should know. Exceptionally clear step-by-step diagrams and instructions for over two-dozen knots. Shows how to attach backing to reels, backing to lines, lines to tippets, and tippets to flies - if you want to fly fish. You can also learn the best knots for bait casting, jigging, spinning, trolling, rigs, boating and much more. A glossary explains many terms used in knot tying. Conversion charts for linear measurements, weights and temperature are also included.

Soft Cover, 6" x 9", 107 pages, $9.95


   Fly Tying/Fishing Books



Pop Fleyes: Saltwater Fly Design

Pop Fleyes: Saltwater Fly Design
  by Bob Popovics & Ed Jaworowski

   This is the first and only book available on the tier whose techniques with epoxy and silicone revolutionized saltwater fly tying. The family of flies Bob Popovics developed over the last three decades (dubbed "Pop Fleyes," a spelling that incorporates part of his last name with the fact that eyes are a prominent feature in their design) have proven devastatingly effective for stripers, bluefish, false albacore, and many more species. This book goes beyond the basic recipe format to provide the thinking behind Popovics's pattern development, a guide to key tying techniques, and detailed notes on how to fish Pop Fleyes most effectively. "The most innovative fly tier I have ever known." --Lefty Kreh on Bob Popovics "Bob Popovics has brought more creative ideas to the table in the last two decades than any other tier out there." --Dan Blanton

2000, Hardcover - 136 pages, 11 x 8.8" $34.95









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